Is The Mail Pipe Bomb Story A False Flag Or Is It Real?

Americans are sometimes skeptical, cynical, and pessimistic. We are bombarded everyday by large amounts of information, some research into advertising has suggested that the average person sees up to 4,000 ads everyday. My point is more than ever we have to practice “getting out of the matrix” and instead of being sheep and simply believing what we are told and what is reported, we need to question everything and ultimately believe our own instincts aka “trust our own gut”.

I live in the Washington, DC area, you have to be very careful wearing a MAGA hat, contrary to popular belief many liberals are intolerant, they are emotional and tend to believe everything the media says about Donald Trump and his supporters. Make America Great Again is racist to many people in the DC Swamp and they believe Trump supporters are Nazis.

With that said how can this man living in South Florida not a place friendly to Donald Trump be driving around in a van fully covered with Trump stickers all over every window? How wasn’t he pulled over by police for having stickers covering up literally every window (see picture below).

MAGABomber Van
MAGABomber Van

From Rush Limbaugh: “This van, every window has stickers, decals, bumper stickers! There are so many of ’em, you can’t see out these windows. The first reaction I had when I first heard — when I first was told and believed it — that this was the guy’s van, my first reaction, “How in the world does a van like that in south Florida not get defaced?”

If you are a Trump Supporter wearing any kind of MAGA gear depending on where you live you will be attacked by unhinged Democrats, liberals and progressives. There is no doubt about this and the media could care less. Look at this report of 133 attacks on Trump Supporters. Just putting a Trump bumper sticker on your car will get your car keyed up and defaced in many places but if you have an Obama or Hillary sticker your safe. People have gone mad when it comes to Trump. The point is unless you live in a place that is very conservative and Trump friendly you usually wouldn’t find anyone behaving like this.

Key MAGABomber Details The Media Won’t Ask

  • According to this article Cesar Sayoc is a registered Democrat. Here is a screenshot of his profile on MyLife before the internet police scrubbed it.

    Cesar Sayoc Was a Registered Democrat
    Cesar Sayoc Was a Registered Democrat
  • The mail bombs didn’t even have the correct postage stamps on them another red flag. If this guy was supposedly smart enough to put together a bomb how come he wasn’t smart enough to put the proper postage on the packages? See pictures:
Mail Bomb Package 2
Mail Bomb Package 2
  • How did the authorities apprehend all these mail bombs so quickly?
  • “The USPS does not deliver to homes of anyone under Secret Service protection like former presidents Clinton and Obama. All mail addressed to their residence is delivered to the Secret Service field office. Therefore, the reports that bombs were delivered to the homes of 2 former presidents is an absolute LIE!” -> (this comes from a Twitter account called @RedWaveSurfer but I can’t confirm the actually account). This information is still accurate regarding how USPS handles former Presidents mail.

Bill Mitch on Twitter wrote this

  • All the stickers on the suspected bombers van haven’t faded, if you are living in South Florida where it’s usually hot and you have these many stickers on your vehicle how come none of them are faded? In fact they look brand new.
  • The so called MAGABomber was homeless living out of his van, how did he have the means to put together fake bombs and mail out 13 IED devices?
  • His Twitter profile which has more than likely been removed by now is skeptical, he was only following about 30 people including President Trump but he had another Twitter account where he followed mostly liberals. Was this guy bipolar?
  • His Twitter account also looked like it was just created the hallmarks of a false flag operation. Take a look at any real Twitter account from a Trump supporter and you will see a long trail dating back to 2016 at the very least.
  • He was tweeting the same type of content over and over, another red flag that this was a troll account or a sock puppet account, his social media account was NOT REAL in my opinion.

Check out YouTuber TrutherTalk (you must subscribe to her on YouTube) give her point of view on the so called #MagaBomber Cesar Sayoc story.

Watch Shepard Smith Try To Make Trump Responsible For The So Called MAGABomber Attack

I was surprised to see Chris Wallace debunk the subtle attacks from Shepard Smith.

Watch Ali Alexander’s Breakdown On The Bomber Hoax

Please listen/watch this video, Ali Alexander has the same attitude as me. “When the gatekeepers tell you not to think”, its because they want to think for you“. This is what my entire website blog is about, thinking for yourself, expanding your mind your perspective and point of view. Get used to using your mind and thinking on a regular basis. Don’t rely on the media to tell you the truth, that goes for all the major media outlets including Fox News. Some people think that because I am conservative I love Fox News, let me be clear I don’t trust them either but “sometimes” they put out truthful information.

Check Out A Lionel As He Discusses The #BombHoax

FBI Director Chris Wray came out last Friday October 26, on the same day they captured Cesar Sayoc to give a press conference. He confirmed that 13 devices were sent out via mail. Each device consisted of PVC pipe, a small clock, a battery, some wiring and what is known as “energetic material”. He makes it clear that these are NOT hoax devices. Much of the rest of Director Wray’s conference was dedicated to applauding the work of the men and women of law enforcement for their effort in catching this criminal. I agree and applaud our law enforcement and thank them for everything they do!

Director Wray made a statement that is very concerning towards the end of his press conference saying “there may be other packages in transit now“. What makes him say there may be more packages? What evidence does he have? Is law enforcement not confident they captured the mastermind? Then he says if you have any information to please call us. This is very alarming and it seems this situation may not be over yet.

We still don’t know what the motive was for sending these bombs that didn’t work? Are we supposed to believe that a homeless deranged Trump supporter who used to be a Democrat decided to send 13 IED devices in the mail with the wrong postage stamps, misspelling many of the “targets” names on the labels, sending one of the packages to the wrong address, and intentionally making sure none of the bombs go off? Why would he do that? Are more bombs coming? Is this going to happen before the 2016 Midterms. Is Cesar Sayoc a complete idiot, a patsy or a criminal mastermind?

Dan Bongino a former Secret Service Agent weighed in saying this:

“I believe this person is going to be caught expeditiously in the coming days. I believe who it is…. I better not say too much…is going to surprise you. I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people what’s going on behind the scenes with this,” said Bongino, adding that the culprit wanted the devices to be detected.

“Bongino also suggested that the individual deliberately designed the bombs not to go off because none of the packages exploded and some were constructed with shoddy plastic piping.”

Dan Bongino mimicked something that Director Wray said during his press conference saying that he is worried that there will now be a “tactical shift” from devices that didn’t go off, to devices that WILL GO OFF. I pray to God this isn’t true.

The mainstream media seems to be content with blaming this all on Trump’s rhetoric but they have yet to really do a deep dive and ask tough questions. The first question would be WHY?

President Trump has openly said at rallies he hopes his political enemies like Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, or Hillary Clinton run for President. This is all on tape and public record. He WANTS them to RUN because he believes he will beat them easily. He has bragged about it. If you understood President Trump’s personality you would know he takes pride in winning. Winning for Trump isn’t having someone else win for him and it’s certainly not having some deranged criminal send pipe bombs in the mail to his political enemies.

Paul Joseph Watson Chimes In On The Mail Bomber

Check out this video from Patriot Douglass Ducote Sr. Founder and CEO of Veterans United For Justice also retired US Army and veteran law enforcement officer as he explains from his vast military and law enforcement perspective that “there is way more to this than what we are being told”.

Of course there are contrary arguments and voices on the other side. Check out these guys from The Damage Report who seem to be reasonable liberals (I think they are liberal but I could be wrong) ask the question if this #MAGABomber story could be fake. Specifically they discuss the van the alleged perpetrator drove in this video.

Their conclusion so far is:

  • They say “take it with a grain of salt” that this guy Cesar Sayoc is a genuine Trump supporter.
  • “He is about as Trump Supportery as you can be”.
  • “That combined with his long list of targets that he chose, an enemies list of Donald Trump effectively that he was able to compile from Donald Trump’s statements and speeches..makes it pretty clear”.

My analysis and perspective:

I am a genuine Trump Supporter, there is no way I would stick all these stickers on my vehicle, why on earth would I block all my windows including my rear windows with Trump stickers? Whoever thinks this is a genuine Trump supporter is misguided. Most Trump supporters are in the closet because they live in cities where the liberals are unhinged and intolerant and it will cause problems for them to “come out” as a Trump supporter.

This van is strange and I bet you can’t find one genuine Trump supporter with a vehicle like this. Many of these stickers don’t even make sense to me as a Trump supporter.

Trump supporters will wear MAGA hats, a MAGA shirt of some kind, that is usually about it. We aren’t draping ourselves with Trump gear from head to toe even at a Trump rally and we certainly aren’t pimping out our vehicles with MAGA, PENCE, and all this other nonsense that liberals think Trump supporters are into.

Hopefully we have no more bombs, I pray we don’t. We still don’t know why the bomber did this, if he did it, or if we even have the right guy. Could there be others? Donald Trump has been President for almost 2 years, he has given over 100 rallies, if these rallies were so violent and divisive in nature wouldn’t there be more Cesar Sayoc’s out there? Wouldn’t there be more tragedies if Trump rallies are so divisive? The Trump rallies are fully televised for all to see I challenge anyone to point me to what Trump has said at any rally that would cause a person of sound mind to commit an act of violence.

Any nut-job, crazy psycho can be triggered by anything or nothing at all so the mental stability of a person is key. These accusations against Trump for his so called “divisive rhetoric” is ludicrous when he is doing what every politician on the planet does which is make derogatory remarks against his political opponents.





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