This website/blog is about discussing matters of importance, matters that interest me and it is my way of giving back through sharing my knowledge and hopefully helping other people learn from the things that I have learned and researched. This website is only the first step in my social work to give back to the people, but I believe greatly that many of us aren’t where we want to be in life because we don’t have the knowledge and if we do have the knowledge we haven’t applied it. I’m mostly a conservative but I despise both major political parties, I supported Barack Obama in 2008 and I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I grew up a Democrat by default whereas most of my family members and friends were left leaning but as I got older and started to do my own research and reading my point of view started to gradually change. I am still upgrading my point of view to this day and I still question my thoughts and beliefs on a routine basis which I think most people do not.

This site is PRO TRUMP, but it’s also PRO FREEDOM, PRO HUMANITY, AND PRO OPEN-MINDEDNESS. The goal of this site is that if I can red pill one person it was worth the effort. What I mean by red pill is that you wake up, you stop being a follower, you stop worrying about what other people do, think or believe and you build your own unique mind by actually using it. Its very easy to believe what your parents told you to believe, your teachers in elementary, high school and college, it’s easy to believe what your friends want you to believe. It’s much harder in this society to have your own mind and way of thinking. I’m not at all saying that everything you have been taught throughout your life is wrong but probably if you really went back and started to analyze it you may find that things you used to believe are just not true. The bottom line is everyone creates their own reality, you can create yours, instead of being a victim be a winner, instead of having endless grievances have endless dreams and carry out your life and live it to the fullest.

I’m a proud PRO-BLACK CONSERVATIVE MINDED MAN but just because I am conservative most people will automatically assume I run in lock step with the Republican party, FUCK NO. The Republican party in general is shit and so is the Democrat party. There are some things I like about each party and many things I disagree with. In general there are far more things I disagree with in the Democrat party, this also doesn’t mean that I hate every Democrat because I don’t. This website will be very controversial not because I want ratings or because I seek to be different, it’s because I am speaking my mind unfiltered and unafraid, this is part of our freedom which has been lost in large part due to left leaning Democrat funded activism. I promise not to be politically correct, I won’t have it here. Hopefully I won’t be shut down by the social engineers and the authoritarians of this society because I dare to have my own opinion and not be controlled. We will see. Please enjoy the information!



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