Black Conservatives Are Ignored By The GOP And The Democrats

I am a black conservative an independent black conservative but I am not a member of the Republican Party. I will almost never vote for a Democrat and I will vote Republican in the...
Frans De Waal

Political Dogma and It’s Control Over Your Thoughts

This is a great presentation and a reminder that in our world, in our society today most people are stuck in tribalism (choosing sides) identity politics (choosing to be a Democrat because you think...

MK Ultra Glitches Live

If you saw the movie Manchurian Candidate then you know our loving government in particular the CIA has done some evil shit when it comes to experimenting with the human mind. MK-Ultra is a...
Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders Booted From Restaurant Because She Works For Trump

Sarah Sanders has been no stranger to attacks by deranged leftists simply because she works for President Trump whom practically the entire liberal establishment which includes the mainstream media absolutely hates. I did not...

Black Woman Combats Racism By Eliminating White People

One of the major problems in the black community is the hatred of white people. This article by Ebony Magazine is just a typical example of how the hatred is getting so irrational and...



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