Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders Booted From Restaurant Because She Works For Trump

Sarah Sanders has been no stranger to attacks by deranged leftists simply because she works for President Trump whom practically the entire liberal establishment which includes the mainstream media absolutely hates. I did not...

Democrat Who Voted For Hillary Clinton Warns Party

This is very refreshing, here we have a TRUE DEMOCRAT someone with common sense who ISN'T POLITICAL talk about the dangers to the Democrats by continuing to go down this road of hysterically believing...

Trump “A Real Clear and Present Danger”

Make no mistake about it, the media, the Democrats, the GOP, the DeepState, are waging war on President Donald J. Trump. A book I'm currently reading has a very good quote in it that...

It’s Not Fair That Trump Gets 2 Scoops of Ice Cream

The level of unhinged modern day liberal hysteria has reached it's peak where politicians like Maxine Water complain about how Donald Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream whereas other White House visitors only...
Witches Against Trump

Witches Against Trump

 No one can deny that President Trump is literally fighting evil when you have a large group of witches trying to take him down. The interesting thing about this story is that CNN, MSNBC,...



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