Election fraud

Is There a Double Standard On Accepting Election Results?

I'm amazed that I would be referencing MSNBC as a sane voice in the mainstream corporate media but Joe Scarborough brings up something that many conservatives have realized and experienced for years which is...
Fidel Castro smoking a cigar

Democrats Are Bipolar When it Comes to Their Love For Fidel Castro

It's quite telling that on one hand Democrats view Fidel Castro as this controversial but inspirational leader who advanced many great causes for the Cuban people and on another hand Democrats view Donald Trump...

Liberals Obsess About the Evils of Trump

Post election 2016 and liberals far and wide are licking their wounds trying to cope with "the impending doom" of a President Trump in 2017 and beyond. I want to turn your attention to...

Is The Donald Trump a legitimate Presidential Candidate?

Donald Trump gets a lot of publicity from the media for being a braggadocios maniac who is not politically correct and is running a "comic book campaign". The reality of the matter is that...



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