Witches Against Trump

Witches Against Trump

 No one can deny that President Trump is literally fighting evil when you have a large group of witches trying to take him down. The interesting thing about this story is that CNN, MSNBC,...
Candace Owens Turning Point USA

Democrat Party Is No Longer The Democrat Party #WalkAway

The Democrat party has evolved since President Barack Obama to becoming more radical more far left than ever before. Its quite amazing to see a group of people so distorted in their thinking and...
Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders Booted From Restaurant Because She Works For Trump

Sarah Sanders has been no stranger to attacks by deranged leftists simply because she works for President Trump whom practically the entire liberal establishment which includes the mainstream media absolutely hates. I did not...

Why Does The Middle Class Support Donald Trump?

The mainstream media and liberal progressive Democrats all over this nation and other countries have no idea why people like Donald Trump. We were immediately bombarded with accusations of Russian Collusion as the reason...

Exhibit A: Democrat Media Hypocrisy Against Violence

We've all heard the mainstream liberal media and politicians tell us time and time again that they are against violence they when "they go low we go high" from Michelle Obama but the reality...



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