Trump “A Real Clear and Present Danger”

Make no mistake about it, the media, the Democrats, the GOP, the DeepState, are waging war on President Donald J. Trump. A book I'm currently reading has a very good quote in it that...
Good Vs Evil

More Examples of Demonic Evil – Witches Hex Brett Kavanaugh

Never before have I seen such open displays of a demonic nature. Breitbart reports that a group of witches in Brooklyn, New York are casting a hex on Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh. Not...
Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson Explains Yellow Vest Paris Protests

Watch this video which will explain what the Paris "Yellow Vest" protests are all about. The mainstream media has largely ignored because it does...

Democrat Response To Obamacare Repeal: “People Will Die”

We have heard the typical scare tactics from Democrat politicians when it comes to Republican legislation and the house recently passing the ObamaCare repeal is no exception. Here is what some Democrats are saying:So...

The Black Liberal Vs Donald Trump

The average African American liberal in America is in some ways very unfair in their assessment to "white people" in today's society. On one hand black people are very sensitive to being stereotyped but...



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