I am a black conservative an independent black conservative but I am not a member of the Republican Party. I will almost never vote for a Democrat and I will vote Republican in the 2018 Midterm elections coming up November 6th. Why do I vote Republican? As a conservative these are the things I value:

  • The family and in particular for myself the black family, Democrats do not promote “the family” they promote any other union other than the traditional nuclear family as it’s been called. The destruction of the black family is the reason why black people are in the mess we are in NOT RACISM. You cannot use racism as an excuse in 2018 YES RACISM IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL but it cannot hold you back like it did in the past unless you are someone who gives up easily and is easily discouraged i.e. the many black liberal progressive snowflakes we have now in America.
  • Freedom of thought and freedom to be different is important to me but the modern day Democrat does not tolerate and accept people who have different points of view. The left preaches diversity and equality but these are smokescreens, progressives are very clever and you have to pay attention to their behavior as opposed to the language they use or else they will fool you every time. When liberal progressives talk about diversity they don’t mean chaos, they mean disorder whereas conservatives are typically all about law and order and the nature of things as they have been. Diversity to liberals is about changing what is into anything they want it to be which could mean destroying a good thing just because “diversity” is so important to them. Diversity to the typical non-thinker sounds like a great idea but in actuality it is very dangerous.
  • Distortion of equality and its use in society. Liberals as I said before are very clever by definition most of the social engineers in this world are probably left leaning. Social engineers understand human nature and they seek to manipulate and change it towards their intended goals. People are different, men and women, children, etc we are all different. Lebron James the hero to the mainstream left and famous basketball player is treated differently than any other basketball player there is no equality there. Movie stars and other celebrities are treated differently. Sports superstars are paid very differently than other athletes. There is nothing in nature that is equal, there are no two animals that are equal, gorillas aren’t equal to elephants, tigers aren’t equal to lions or hyenas, tornadoes are equal to typhoons. When you hear the magic word equality you believe that liberals mean fairness, they don’t. Liberals are not fair, there is no balance and they are often very hypocritical. What we can aim for in society is that everyone is treated fairly but to treat everyone equally is to disregard the fact that everyone is different, they have different talents and abilities and should be treated based on their work ethic, attitude, and behavior. But for liberals they seek socialism so the myth of equality fits right in with their social engineering of America.

Now that I’ve gotten a few reason why I am conservative (there are more) I want to say that the Republican Party has done a terrible job at targeting black and minorities communities. The Democrats have realized this a long time ago that if they cater to certain things they can almost guarantee the black and minority vote. This is why I believe the theory of the Uniparty meaning the Democrats and Republicans are basically the same party but they have to play different roles to achieve their goals. When Donald Trump said what do you have to lose to the black community no Republican in history would have ever uttered those words but why? Trump was right and that speech helped win a lot of black people who knew Hillary Clinton couldn’t be trusted.

Why does the GOP still to this very day do such a poor job at targeting and speaking to minorities? Donald Trump is literally the only Republican in modern history to work with the black community to appeal to them and their needs. Yes there may be some Republican politicians here and there who seek out the black vote but not many and this is a huge problem, if you take on the challenge of courting the black people and winning them over, this is literally GAME OVER FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Turning Point USA with Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are one of the few organizations out there who have realized this and are trying to balance things out. Black people have been ruined by the Democrat party, white liberals and their ideas are very dangerous. Why do I say this? Welfare has ruined generations of black people and I have seen this with my own eyes within my own family.

Once you get on welfare for a period of time for many people they stay on it for life and this is what the Democrat party has promoted. You don’t create upward mobile, responsible individuals contributing value to society with welfare. It sounds like a good idea and it is only in small doses but you should never allow someone to be on welfare for years and years. Yes at times everybody may need some assistance but there is a difference between getting assistance when your down and out and permanently being on welfare for a long time. It destroys the work ethic and drive to want to do and be better especially when your getting a check every month. You tend not to want to get off the government assistance and go out and improve yourself. Larry Elder one of my heroes and a black conservative has a lot to say on this matter.

Larry Elder Powerful Insights About Welfare

There are so many black conservatives in America, by nature the black community generally and historically is conservative but they don’t identify with the Republican party because the GOP isn’t speaking the language. The GOP just doesn’t understand how important and powerful it is to have black conservatives on their side. Mainstream culture is often shaped by the influences coming out of the black community, the slang, the language the customs and if the GOP wants to win the culture war you must partner up with the black community. Take baby steps start from the bottom and work your way up to gaining some credibility within the black community. President Donald Trump has quietly built up a large support of black voters because he’s tough, he’s no nonsense and he’s an alpha male, these are things the black community respects. But more importantly Donald Trump is about winning, he’s about success and for most of his life he was about wealth and luxury again these are things that most black people strive for.

Black people are not politically correct and they don’t care to be, and in particular black men should be the primary target of the GOP. I could write a book on this but the black man has been an outcast in this society, Donald Trump is treated as an outcast, Donald Trump is lied on constantly in the media, so have black men when the media promotes propaganda campaigns about how many black men are players, they don’t take care of their children and how black women don’t need black men anymore. Black men are less influenced by propaganda in the media in general and are more open to different points of view if you can speak their language and connect with them.

So what do black people want?

  • Jobs
  • Wealth and money
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Less drugs, crime and violence
  • Reiteration that Republican politicians do want to partner up with the black community (key)

That last bullet is key, I’m not saying you suck up to the black community and give them welfare and hope they vote for you like the Democrats do. I’m saying you make a deliberate and consistent effort to keep showing up at events, town halls, rally’s, urban radio, no matter how hostile it may be initially. You do what Trump has done and you ask them what do you have to lose? And then you go and give the black community something of value to show them you support them and you want to work with them. This will be like breaking someone out of the matrix because for the typical black person they have been feed a healthy serving of left leaning propaganda their entire life, they just aren’t aware and educated on anything to do with conservatism. All they have been told because I was a Democrat and grew up in a Democrat household and 100% of my entire family was Democrat is that Republicans are racist. That is about all the education I received on Republicans and I would say its either the same or worse for today’s black progressives.

I believe this is a worthy effort to red pill, to wake up black people to what conservatism is and what it isn’t. For god sake if the GOP and Republican politicians would have answers like the myth of black voter suppression you would go a long way to winning back to black community. Don’t be afraid to dispel the myths about racism among Republicans, tell the black community why you vote a certain way and why you disagree with Democrat liberal policies. Black people aren’t stupid they have voted Democrat for over 50 years because the GOP has sucked at speaking the language of the black community and addressing their concerns. I honestly believe that if you improve the black community this entire nation will be transformed for the better.

It starts with the black church just like Donald Trump did during the 2016 campaign, I can not tell you how genius it was for Trump to go to the black church even if some didn’t like it, even if he wasn’t always welcomed they gave him the respect he deserves and heard him out. Trump gave it a shot. The black church is powerful if you build enough allies within the black churches across this country you can positively influence the black community.

Here is my suggestion and plan for the GOP to positively impact the black community and win back the black vote.

  • Take a look at each major urban city, look up who the local leaders are, ignore the black progressives in Congress because for the most part they won’t want to work with Republicans because the Democrat party is monolithic so if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t approve you aren’t allowed to do it. The Congressional Black Caucus has denied meetings with Donald Trump making excuses about his rhetoric and tone so you know they’ve been told it’s not good business to work with Trump because secretly they know he is the one person who will actually try to do what he says he will do. My advice is to ignore the black progressive politicians because they will generally undermine you, go directly to the black community and this is what the mainstream media and Democrats are so worried about with Trump. He circumvents them and speaks directly and black people are hearing him, the media can’t come up with enough anti-Trump stories to drown out his message.
  • Come up with a economic project in each major urban area that will bring jobs or fix up a broken down neighborhood. Not just drawn up a plan but take action on it. Get the local black leaders involved so they have an ownership and stake in making sure the project is a success there should be no excuses.
  • Come up with a nationwide plan to stop crime and violence in the inner cities, create some kind of campaign slogan and actually go city and city, town by town working towards stopping crime. Promote the Neighborhood Watch, get people to join, promote groups like the Guardian Angels. Promote the “super heroes” who go on the streets and help the police. Promote former military and retired veterans to be leaders in the community and come up with plans to stop crime and violence. This should be an all hands on deck approach. What you need here is great inspiration and the community will spark into action. This is why great leadership is so vitally needed.

The GOP and the Republicans if they truly want to help save this nation, this world from the unhinged deranged radical left needs to step up even more. All of us have to do what we can to help, if we all do even a little it will add up to a lot. If every Republican politician had a message for the black community and actually implemented some policies to help black people it would make a big difference and in fact this would TERRIFY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. The Democrat party spends hundreds of millions of dollars maybe billions every year on propaganda directed at the black community which 100% of it defames, mischaracterizes, and misrepresents the Republican and conservative point of view and the GOP does very little about it. You will not win back this country without at least half of the black population on your side, you need half. By doing this you are helping to save future generations of black people from total dysfunction.

Destruction of The Black Family
Destruction of The Black Family


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