One of the major problems in the black community is the hatred of white people. This article by Ebony Magazine is just a typical example of how the hatred is getting so irrational and unhealthy. Andrea X has combated racism by eliminating white people from her personal life which is when she decided to move to Costa Rica away from the vicinity of very many white people. After doing so she says “my life has been way more breezy”. After moving she has started an organization that prioritizes self-care for Black women called Women of Color Healing Retreat which is a 10 day get away for Black women to practice yoga, surf, hike and commune with each other.

Let me just say that I think a 10 day get away is a great idea, but the idea that you are fixing racism by eliminating white people from your life is disturbing.

Here is my argument against what many in the black community think about race and racism:

  • We are assuming that every white people is racist first and foremost and we are punishing them just because of the color of their skin, their culture and race, aren’t we doing to them what we have been complaining about for years?
  • We are forgetting that many white people were against black slavery and fought in the abolitionist movement and risked their lives to stop slavery.
  • Slavery and racism has a long complex history and too many blacks are not educated on exactly what happened throughout history, slavery was not started by white people in fact slavery still exists in some parts of Africa today but you will never hear the social justice warriors crusading against it.
  • Without white people ending slavery would have been very difficult there were prominent whites like William Wilberforce and Hugh Elliot who headed up movements to stop slavery these people are never mentioned or given any credit.
  • There were so many whites who helped blacks even during slavery whether it was to teach blacks how to read secretly or other things the idea that every single white people had a vicious hatred for blacks is just not true.

We have to be realistic and truly try to understand history, black people were not the only people to be enslaved you had Irish, Indian, and Asians who were also enslaved. During the times of Muhammad white people were considered less than human and were treated like dogs if they weren’t killed they were treated very badly as slaves. Need we bring up the holocaust which is claimed to have killed 5-6 million Jews. What about Rwanda where 70% of the Tutsis were killed by other African people called Hutu (African on African crime). There are very few races and cultures that don’t have their own history of mass killings, genocide, slavery, rape, murder, etc but for some reason many African Americans would prefer to keep living in the past and want to continue to punish white people for things that have happened hundreds of years ago despite the fact that most white people today have no connection to slavery or aren’t even descendants of former white slave masters.

The bottom line is that black people have a tremendous opportunity, we are far more successful than ever before, you can find more black millionaires and multimillionaires than ever in history. We’ve had the first technically multiracial black President in Barack Obama, we have more African Americans in Congress and several in the Senate. We have major US cities with black mayors, black chief of polices, and many blacks on city council. If black people would focus on rebuilding the black family and rebuilding and improving our communities we could be the most affluent group of people in America.

Focusing so much hatred and animosity against white people is not a winning formula, we must get along with everybody but we must do it with honor and respect. Trying to guilt white people into believing they should be ashamed of this country, ashamed of their heritage, ashamed of their forefathers is only a recipe for disaster that will eventually lead to a race war. This is probably what the social engineers in the liberal progressive Democrat party would like. Everybody on this planet has a history no one is without blood on their hands INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE so be careful targeting white people for their so called crimes when black people every single day sit back and watch as their own community is buried deeper and deeper in poverty, mediocrity, crime, violence, group think, degenerate behavior and more. Who do you think is going to have to pay the price for that? It’s not going to be white people this time who you can blame, eventually you will be forced to look in the mirror.


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