Here is just another example of the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and their attempt ignore facts, statements and evidence they don’t like but focus heavily on anything that supports their narrative.

James Clapper here is very coy when he says here on Meet The Press that “I have seen no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion”. Now this is his way out, because quite frankly as hated as Trump is by these people in the media and on the left if there was even a shred of evidence it would have come out by now so Clapper here uses the ignorance argument. I haven’t seen any evidence but maybe it exists after I left DNI. His masters won’t allow him to say there is no collusion there never was and that this entire story is made up so instead even though he was the Director of National Intelligence and technically someone in his position would see everything that goes on especially at such a high level when it comes to trying to suggest that an incoming Presidential campaign colluded with a foreign government in order to manipulate the US elections.

So evidence #1 is Clapper saying he has seen NO EVIDENCE. But this fact alone does not stop unhinged modern day liberals to strongly believe that there still is evidence even though the very top intelligence official who was in office up to 2017 hasn’t seen it. So who would be better to know about this than him? Liberals still believe evidence exists, why because Trump is a very bad guy and they will always assume that Trump did something wrong, they don’t need evidence, facts or proof all they need is someone to say Trump did it and in their minds they are already convinced.

So evidence #2 is Diane Feinstein is who is asked is there any evidence of Russian collusion and her answer “not at this time”. So here we still another swamp creature playing games with words. How can you have a 9 month investigation into something and you have zero evidence, I’m not a lawyer but how do you present an argument with ZERO EVIDENCE and how do you spend this much time talking about something that you still can’t prove? Again these people are sick and what makes them continue going on with this story is politics and because Trump is an enemy to the powers that be. Trump dares to try and give power back to the American people and they simply can’t have that. She left the door open by saying “not at this time” which allows the media to continue with their almost year long speculation.

So evidence #3 is former FBI Director James Comey and Mike Rogers testifying in front of the house Intelligence Committee both being asked “do you have any evidence that Russia cyber actors changed vote tally’s in the state of Michigan?” Both men say no. Again the modern day unhinged leftist doesn’t need to believe reality, evidence, proof and facts DO NOT MATTER to these people, you can NOT reason with them. If you have an apple in your hand and ask them what is it my hand they may say it’s not an orange but you can’t get them to admit reality that it is an apple. They will circumvent the truth they will skirt around the issues, this is how they have been trained and conditioned by the education system, by their family and friends because they associate with mostly people who think the same way they do, they have no independent minds. If CNN came out today with a story that Trump is dating a midget they would believe it without question. If MSNBC came out with a story that Trump is actually an alien being from the planet Krypton they will believe it. This isn’t just about politics I am demonstrating to you how a large group of people can be manipulated into BELIEVING ALMOST ANYTHING. And never questioning authority.

The warning here is that there are many people in this country and around the world that do not see reality for what it is, they have been conditioned and brainwashed so heavily that they just can’t see the truth even if you tried to explain it to them, they have stopped listening to their own instincts and they don’t even believe their own eyes, they are completely controlled by their human masters.

“The matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth” please think about this deeply as it related to the world we live in and especially when it comes to politics. We are all being blinded.


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