If you saw the movie Manchurian Candidate then you know our loving government in particular the CIA has done some evil shit when it comes to experimenting with the human mind. MK-Ultra is a process of controlling someone’s mind in order to have them carry about whatever orders you want them to. This isn’t a conspiracy theory and in this article I’m going to show you several videos which represent some of what goes on in real life. I can talk about these topics all day long but for many people they will never believe it unless they see it with their own eyes.

Here we have an MK-Ultra suspect in Jalen Rose a former NBA basketball star and now sports analyst on ESPN. For over a minute it appears that Rose is suspended in time, his eyes, his facial expression doesn’t change which is very odd and typically never happens. There is a different between being in a trance which is natural to what may be happening here. I don’t of course know for sure what is going on with Jalen Rose here but I don’t like it and it follows a similar pattern as other mind control victims. Keep in mind if Jalen Rose is indeed a subject of mind control experiments he is a victim. I’m not saying I know what exactly is happening to Jalen Rose but MIND CONTROL IS 100% REAL.

Here is another presentation by Chronicles of Judah where he does a terrific breakdown on how the mind control programming isn’t new to the NBA, these “victims” are assets to those who have exposed them to this programming. Here you will see Draymond Green NBA player for the Golden State Warriors show signs of mind control during a press conference. ESPN of course tries to give him cover and explain it away as if its just a joke.

Al Roker a longtime news anchor on USA Today appears to also be a victim of some kind of mind programming the trigger seems to be when he heard the phrase “holy ghost” by his co-anchor. This incident was never explained away to my knowledge and remains in the conspiracy theory category but as you can see from the video something strange is going on here.

Cardi B a popular rapper at the 2018 Grammy Awards demonstrated a potential mind control glitch. Please keep in mind that much of what you see on television in Hollywood and movies is controlled there is a matrix in a sense where all these “celebrities” are exposed to false created reality where they are taught how to think, how to act and what to say now that they are celebrities. There is no freedom being a celebrity in my opinion you are a highly paid slave. This shit is more sinister than you can probably imagine.

Cardi B has a mind control glitch and is immediately after a few seconds snapped out of it. You can tell by the facial expressions. There are several very strange interviews, please don’t take my word for all of this or anything I’ve shown here do your own research and come to your own conclusion.


Lady Gaga appears to suffer from mind control as well. Let me just be keep mind control isn’t necessarily bad, you can positively control your own mind using subliminal music, affirmatives but these techniques are used for good not evil. You absolutely have the right to improve your mind through affirmations and healthy subliminal products that are on the market but what we are seeing here in Hollywood the Music Industry and Sports athletes is a very destructive nefarious form of mind control that isn’t for the benefit of the human being and does not improve your spirit or soul, this type of mind control is meant to keep you enslaved and these very talented individuals in Hollywood have allowed their souls to be taken from them in my humble opinion.

The mainstream media is actively used by the CIA as propagandists to spread narratives to society that they want people to believe. The CIA in my opinion is PURE EVIL, I don’t believe there is ANYTHING good for humanity the CIA does, I could be wrong. This video shows several cases of mind control including Music star Britney Spears.

Shaquille O’Neal is also a victim of this demonic mind control and listen if anyone would like to debate or give me a reasonable logical argument that something else is going on I would love to hear it. I’m not saying anything conclusive because I do not know exactly what is going on but I strong believe these incidents are all related based on gut instinct and knowledge of just how destructive the CIA is.

The bottom line to this post is there is a lot going on behind the scenes, don’t take anything for granted and do not idolize these clowns in Hollywood, movies, television, news just because they are “superstars” and we are supposed to. Don’t be a follower. Seek out the truth. These people have great talents but so do we all, you may not have found your talents yet but you have them. The worse thing you can do is let them control your mind, I feel bad for all these and others who have allowed their minds and souls to be taken.

The featured image in this post is courtesy of http://www.theeventchronicle.com/study/what-is-mk-ultra/


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