The level of unhinged modern day liberal hysteria has reached it’s peak where politicians like Maxine Water complain about how Donald Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream whereas other White House visitors only get one. To try to understand the modern day liberal is to try and understand what a rock is thinking. They have no sense of reality in many cases and they have been brainwashed so badly that they automatically see almost anything that President Trump does as a threat, as racist and as harmful to the American public. If President Trump helped cured cancer these unhinged Democrats would want to impeach Trump because he would have put oncologists out of business. Any individual with common sense can not understand and there is no way you can reason with these modern day far left politicians, it does not matter what Trump does he is “a bad guy”. Facts do not matter to these political animals.

It didn’t take long before people started calling out some of these crazy Democrats, it’s actually very sad and funny at the same time!

Unhinged Crazy Maxine Waters
Unhinged Crazy Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters is nuts
Maxine Waters wanted to impeach President Trump after only 2 weeks in office

Please support and visit the street artist Sabo who made these artworks and he’s done others. The guy is incredible! We need to all donate and support this guy for trying to wake people up in the great state of California!


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