The Dangers of Political Correctness

We hear about political correctness very often in today’s society, on its surface you would think its about being polite and having better etiquette but in reality it is a form of language control. There is a big difference between a man holding out a chair for a woman at a dinner table or opening a door for her as opposed to being told that you shouldn’t certain language.  Words just aren’t created out of thin air so the mere fact that a word exists means there is a reason for it.

When the PC culture seeks to regulate our speech by extension this influences your thoughts which over time changes your mindset. People today are afraid to use certain language because they are being told it is hurtful to others, that may be true but that isn’t a good reason to stop using language you prefer to use to express yourself. When I decide to limit my expression because it hurts someones feelings there will come a time when a large portion of what I say is off limits because there is someone so sensitive to it. Language is an art and should NEVER be restricted and the minute you abide by language restrictions you are giving up your freedom.

Totalitarianism is about having total control of every aspect of your life and this is what the liberal progressive movement ultimately wants. We have seen the removal of Robert E Lee statues and you have to ask yourself is removing a statue supposed to fix our problems? This is an example of the dangers of our PC culture because the mere thought of his statue apparently is so disturbing to some individuals that it needs to be removed. Not even thinking about the fact that future generations will never understand who he was because you have taken the first steps in wiping him away from history just like in the movie 1984 based on the George Orwell book we are watching the revising or rewriting of own history whether that history is good or bad I don’t want our history destroyed.

Of course the PC culture isn’t going to stop with Robert E Lee, Christopher Columbus is next along with others.

This guy right here is a hero, not only did he have the balls to wear a FUCK ISLAM t-shirt but he was also packing a gun exercising his 2nd Amendment right. You may think this guy is a barbarian but I just want you to see a glimpse of a REAL MAN not afraid to speak his mind whether he is RIGHT OR WRONG. Among this nation of sheep this guy is awesome no wonder he’s a Trump supporter.

Anytime you are feeling down and you need to wake up out of the matrix of this PC culture just watch this video and it will awaken your sense of liberty and individual freedom. You may not agree with what this guy with the FUCK ISLAM shirt has to say that’s not my point, my point is he is a rare breed that is not afraid to exercise his total freedom and defend it. It will be people like this guy that will be on the front lines fighting against this totalitarian PC culture that we have allowed to manifest and permeate in America.


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