So we’ve all heard the idiots in the mainstream media complaining about how horrible President Trump has been to the NFL and NBA athletes regarding the national anthem protests. Let me just say there aren’t too many countries that welcome such blatant disrespect of your own country during major sporting events. Now President Trump has called out the NFL and other athletes if they know people who have been wrongly imprisoned let the White House know and they will look at every case that is presented to them and if they feel justice wasn’t given they will release the person out of prison or commute their sentence and/or pardon them.

So What Will The NFL Players Who Love to Kneel Do?

Where is Malcolm Jenkins at? Where is Colin Kaepernick? How come the radio silence? Are they awaiting instructions from their Democrat masters?

Here is President Trump once again running circles around these race baitors trying to prove to them that if you want to fix the black community if you want help from THIS White House I am here and ready to help. President Trump is unlike any other President no one owns him but the black community is allowing the crazy radical leftists to determine who they work with. When your community is not doing so well the last thing you should be is PICKY. You should not be selective because you never know what can happen. President Trump is offering real results and to think it only took one White House visit from Kim Kardashian to secure her cause and get Alice Marie Johnson release although the mainstream corrupt media is trying hard not to give Trump any credit.

The radical liberal left (not classic liberals which are very good people) are part of the problem in this country and they ultimate have a lot of control over the black population here in America. Black people are turned out and mesmerized by the language, propaganda and messaging from liberals which causes them to stay put and continue putting their support into people who for the most part have empty solutions. Billions of dollars are spent each year in advertising to “keep blacks in check” and if there is someone who takes the red pill they are like me shunned and shamed and called a traitor, a coon an uncle tom, this is how it goes. You are not allowed to have independent thought in the black community you are looked upon as strange if you decide to be friendly with conservatives, to be a conservative or to hold any ideas outside of the conventional liberal mindset.

The black community will never get a chance like this again, President Trump is one of a kind and the people actively working against him are making sure that someone like him is never allowed to win a President Election ever again. Mark my words. The black community can give Trump a chance or continue to swim in a sea of endless grievances and protests without ever getting anything accomplished other than increased blood pressure, stress, anger and hatred which is exactly what the progressive radical left in this country wants.


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