Modern day leftists, progressives, liberals have been conditioned and brainwashed to believe that it is their duty to go on a crusade against anything that “they believe” is a threat to society. Anything that they believe is harmful, hurtful, or detrimental to the way they believe things should operate. Liberals will not ask your opinion, they will only share research that supports their theory, and when they say “let’s have a conversation” what they really mean is I want you to listen to me speak and preferably agree with me and if not we have nothing further to talk about. Very rarely will a liberal ever change their mind.

Being a liberal is not about right and wrong, it’s a religion and their bible is ALWAYS RIGHT. It’s about perception, it’s about ignoring the facts that don’t support your theory/argument, reality is not important it’s what they feel and believe that is most important. These people are living in the matrix, they consume corporate news 24/7, they talk to the same type of people all day long, they’ve grown up with like-minded people their entire life, they are very comfortable and happy associating with people that agree with them. They don’t seek to understand other people who think differently, they in many cases hate anyone who is politically or socially different.

I use the phrase “modern day liberals” to denote that there is a big difference between today’s liberal and yesterdays classical liberal who did not feel it was necessary to force people to change even if they thought it was for a good cause. Classical liberals follow the motto of “live and let live”, they had no desire to go on a crusade to change society into what they thought it should be, they were good people who fought for things that everyone could commonly agree with like the rule of law, economic freedoms and political freedom.

Google Fights Gender Bias
Google Fights Gender Bias

So here is a perfect example of the desire for another liberal based corporation to decide it is their duty to fight for “gender bias”. As we all know Google is a high tech company why are they getting involved in gender bias? Because liberals just can’t help themselves they will stop at nothing until they change this society, this world and supposedly fix all the ills that we have. This is cultural Marxism, this has been going on for a long time, it is the practice of destroying the family structure, destroying the relationship between men and women and uprooting our society and eventually turning it into total anarchy. Once our society is there the powers that be will have an easy excuse to take total control.

When we see a company like Google who their motto is “Do No Evil” you have to understand this is a camouflage from what their true intentions are. It’s a cute phrase that well meaning individuals may think is cool and some will even believe it but make no mistake Google is part of and a tool of the powers that be in their unending push to TRANSFORM SOCIETY not for the betterment of man, woman and family.

So gender bias is supposedly the unequal treatment of a specific gender (usually they mean women) in a workplace environment from gaining opportunities such as promotion, pay or other privileges. I would take a deeper dive into the fallacy of gender bias in another article but just keep in mind that progressives camouflage their intentions don’t get tricked by their emotion rhetoric or clever wordplay at the heart of these matters are indeed evil intentions.


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