Racism Against Black People
Racism Against Black People

The United States has not always been fair to African Americans, although you can say this about many other cultures such as the Native Americans, the Irish, Chinese Americans, Latinos, Italians, etc. In particular the past segregation of blacks and whites, the open lynchings of blacks, the police brutality and prejudice have greatly affected what African Americans think and feel about this country. America has had a lot of growing pains, indeed this great country is a melting pot of cultures and we haven’t always lived together peacefully but there was always a dark spot when it came to talking about racism and blacks.

The purpose of this article is not to show that the major stumbling block for African Americans is not poverty, its not injustice, it’s not the color of our skin, it is within our mind, it is the mindset that racism can hold us back from achieving greatest in our lives. Racism is an idea that someone may have that shows their bias that shows they believe they are superior, but racism is only powerful if it is actively enforced across the board and everyone. We still do see signs of racism but it is in no way shape or form as egregious as it has been in the past.

African Americans have been brainwashed into thinking more about social injustices and less about their financial and educational advancements and holding their families together. There are far more social programs with efforts to “combat racism” than there are that deal with educating African Americans and helping them to understand how to become financially free. So meanwhile we blacks will protest an injustice in a heartbeat overall our efforts don’t amount to anything because as a whole the black community is not organized and focused on what specific injustice or area of great concern.

You have Black Lives Matter which focuses on police brutality against blacks, you have the NAACP which focus on civil rights for black people, and plenty others but I think although many of these organizations may do good work they will never be able to get at the heart of the problem in the black community.

African American youth are in deep trouble, the unemployment rate for black youth in 2014 was almost 40%, college graduation rates are much lower for blacks than their white counterparts, incarceration of young blacks and Latinos are through the roof, and right before our very eyes we are seeing that black youth aren’t prepared for the changing job market even those with 4 year college degrees. None of this is the direct result of racism but many in the media and black community are to used to believing that racism and discrimination is always a factor.

Why is racism and discrimination always the primary factor that blacks believe are holding them back? Well this is the trick that has been played on the black community since the 1960s civil rights era. The system as I call it or the powers that be understood that the gripes and complaints that black people had were real and were not going away so what did they do? The only thing the powers that be could do was to give black people what they wanted which was a piece of the pie or a piece of what they thought they were missing. Although great in many peoples eyes the contributions of our great civil rights leaders we can’t hide the facts that civil rights is an ongoing battle, achieving what you call a civil right will not educate your family, will not help make you financially free, will not help you compete in the competitive job market. Obtaining civil rights was never the end all be all answer to cure the problems that black people faced it was merely a method to rightly gain some freedoms back but in exchange what did we really get?

Jewish people rose from oppression, poverty and extreme suffering to rise up and be a culture of highly affluent individuals. Irish and Italians have made their way through the system that we have successfully. But blacks as a whole never achieved a large percentage of our community doing extremely well that it gets so old to continue to talk about the same things that we all know are the problems over and over again for years.

The problem is that there is a narrative within the black community which includes our political, educational, media, sports virtually every system that continues to remind black people that racism and discrimination still exists and it is extremely detrimental to our existence and we should focus most of our attention on fighting it and completely stamping it out. The issue with this is that racism and discrimination will never completely go away, nor will it instantly help blacks succeed if it gets wiped off the map.

What black people should do is focus on real issues that they can resolve within themselves and their families FIRST! We should be focusing on educating ourselves and it doesn’t have to mean going to college,we should be focusing on financial education as well because poverty holds us back and hurts our families if we can’t provide even the basic needs. We should also be focusing on our health so that we can work hard when needed and can save on doctor bills and other unnecessary expenses.

Yes what I’m saying may sound like its so simple and straightforward that you just can’t believe and I am quite sure that progressives will not agree with my point of view here because they have convinced themselves that these issues are very important. I would agree but not as important as what I stated in the last paragraph. There is no need for blacks to continue to focus on things they can’t themselves change, we will always be fighting for injustices but it is unrealistic to believe our world will ever be a Utopian society where nothing bad happens where there is no racism or discrimination, etc.

In part 2 I will share specific examples to back up my rhetoric and action steps that anyone can take to get to the next level, to get out of poverty to move themselves and their families forward! Until next time (((((POSITIVE ENERGY)))))



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