Sarah Sanders has been no stranger to attacks by deranged leftists simply because she works for President Trump whom practically the entire liberal establishment which includes the mainstream media absolutely hates. I did not particularly like many of President Obama’s policies but maybe as a person he is a good guy I just don’t know him but it seems that because President Trump is strong on border security and immigration he has been turned into a Hitler like figure by the media which is very disgraceful and dangerous. As a side note I do not think the media will be able to recover from all the things they have done to misinform to brainwash to create stories out of thin air just in an effort to get rid of someone they disagree with politically. The problem is liberal progressives have a distorted view of reality in many cases. The political discourse in this country has been turned into a life or death situation by the NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post and many other liberal progressive outlets. Indeed at times there are life and death situations but if every single thing President Trump does is met with outrage you have to think if they aren’t living in the same reality that most Americans are.

Everybody has the right to do what they want with their business let me rephrase that liberals are allowed to do what they want to do with their business. If your a Christian business owner you aren’t allowed to deny the LGBT community their request if they want you to bake a cake for their gay wedding even if its against your religious beliefs but if you are a liberal and you hate Donald Trump anyone associated with him is not allowed to eat at your restaurant because you don’t agree with his politics and you have been led to believe he is a racist, sexist, xenophobic monster.

Sarah Sanders the White House Press Secretary was dining at the Red Hen in Lexington, VA and apparently in the eyes of these deranged liberals because she works for President Trump she can’t eat there. This is the hypocrisy of the left, when the Starbucks situation happened and 2 black men were arrested and kicked out of Starbucks liberals were outraged and these guys weren’t even buying anything, but if Sarah Sanders wants to dine at your restaurant and is kicked out for no other reason but for who she works for this is perfectly fine in the eyes of your typical modern leftist.

Honestly I feel bad for these type of people, they can’t see both sides of an argument, they are so weak minded that they can’t even tolerate someone with opposing viewpoints. President Trump has not killed anyone, he is not a war monger, he has not committed genocide, he is wildly misrepresented in the media and these leftists are stuck in a false reality of what is really going on. 63 million people voted for President Trump they can’t all be crazy, racist, idiot lunatics that the left will have you believe. This is sad for the country and for liberals to think they are any better than the person they claim is the worse human on planet earth is laughable. Unfortunately they will never wake up as long as the mainstream media continues to pump out story after story about how terrible President Trump is, the left will never be satisfied. They are perfectly fine with attacking 12 year old Barron Trump, they are perfectly fine with attacking Sarah Sanders for no reason whatsoever, they have long gone too far, if you aren’t happy with the results of the election vote Trump out in 2020 fair and square. The way these leftists are acting are like children but we should not be surprised this has been brewing for a long time and President Trump is the only man so far in politics with the courage to take on these deranged leftist totalitarians. For the sake of this country and generations to come after us if we allow these leftists to continue with this kind of behavior we will be stuck in something must worse than in the movie 1984, something much worse than what George Orwell could have imagined.


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