Murder Rate Rising in Baltimore

Let us ask a few questions shall we?

  1. Who is committing the predominate number or murders in Baltimore?
  2. Why are these murders being committed?
  3. Are these murders do to racism or poverty?
  4. Does the community support efforts to minimize the violence?
  5. Should we blame white people or Republicans for the violence in Baltimore? If not who should be blamed?
  6. Is institutional racism the cause of the violence in Baltimore?

I think these are honest questions to ask but unfortunately most people especially those of a liberal progressive persuasion will rarely come to a realization on the actual problem. I have been commenting on these types of issues for a long time now and the problem with violence in our inner cities including Baltimore have nothing to do with racism. It also has nothing to do with white people or poverty. The violence stems from a culture of violence that has been perpetrated in our entertainment industry in Hip Hop, rap music and in movies to the point where this way of life has become a reality for many black people. Hip Hop music although art and expression has a lot to answer for in how the minds of tens of millions of youth day after day and year after year since I was young have been corrupted through the suggestion that this way of life is natural. I can remember when I first heard NWA Niggaz With Attitudes first album “Straight Outta Compton”. This was the first wave of destruction that was destined for the black community by the Powers That Be. The tricky part is I don’t blame NWA because they were also taken advantage of and brainwashed into expressing themselves by these evil corporate record companies for profit and for the absolute destruction of the black community. You see I was a Hip Hop fanatic from the beginning, most people don’t remember the song “Self Destruction” unless you grew up in that era but those rappers are heroes and tried to raise the alarm to what they saw as a big problem and this was over 20 years ago! I don’t necessarily blame Ice Cube, Eazy E, Ren or DJ Yella or Dr. Dre when they became NWA and made their original songs, but I do blame them now because they should be able to realize that although NWA sparked many careers and made them successful it also had very negative side effects and you simply cannot ignore this.

The self destruction in the black community is not solely at the hands of Hip Hop music and entertainment the most important aspect is the destruction of the black family. Let me say that one more time, the black family is the most important element in this equation and it is the reason the crime rate, murders and violence are simply out of control in Baltimore and across the nation. Most progressives who delve into this topic will bring up race and racism and institutional racism, etc but this is simply not the reason for the destruction of the black community because even in the 1800’s and 1900’s and at the height of legal slavery in this country the black community was 100 times stronger. Racism only made the black family stronger because you knew you had to depend on your family and your community because you couldn’t trust anyone else. White people have little to do with the problem of violence in the black community at least now today in the year 2017.

African American community leaders and activists will never solve this problem until they realize where the problem lies and it is within the heart and soul of the black family. It has been destroyed and it’s not so easy to fix the black family when you have over 70% of black family households in single parent homes and you have very few role models and what the black youth is exposed to these days is an absolute crime. Mayor Catherine Pugh can call in the FBI but they can’t permanently live in Baltimore City, the natives must be able to behave themselves when law enforcement is gone and unfortunately you can’t just go in and fix the crime and expect it to go away. What politicians have been doing in the urban cities across America is just not working I don’t know why they think they can fix it when we continue to see no improvement year and year. Some people will cite that crime has gone down in comparison to years ago but I’m talking about today in 2017 there should be very little crime, the bar is so low that we don’t even realize how bad it is. We have gotten used to living in war zones, we are numb to the amount of people who get shot and killed every day, we are doing nothing about it.

My main tool to help combat this is knowledge and understanding if anyone reads this message I’m not just talking about the problem anyone can do that but I am offering simple solutions, here they are:

  1. Find out from the local police are these gang killings or are these all random, are the killings connected in any way?
  2. What areas have the most crime, identify them, put cops on every corner 24/7 and offer handsome cash rewards for anyone who will provide information on murders or crimes they see, make the process anonymous because most people in these communities will be scared to death to “snitch”.
  3. Put cameras on every corner in these crime ridden communities, make it visible and clear that they are being watched, you can take the cameras down with the community cleans up.
  4. Setup a meeting with influential local gangs in these areas to sit down and talk about how a trounce can be made in exchange for whatever help they want whether in the community or personally.
  5. Develop a local crime task force if you don’t already have one that can focus entirely on reducing murders in Baltimore to zero, get these police officers all the gear and equipment they need, get police officers from other cities and states if you have to, enough is enough people’s lives are at stake, innocent children are at risk.
  6. Reach out to President Trump, you are not far away he has already offered to help Chicago, don’t be too full of yourself that you can’t ask him for help, so what your a Democrat and he’s a so called crazy Republican. If he wants to help and he can let him help, you were elected not to make friends but to get a job done you don’t have to like President Trump to work with him, I don’t like my job but I still go to work everyday because I want to get paid.
  7. The FBI can’t stop the bloodshed, you need to call in experts probably from New York who have fought this type of crime, I had to say it but swallow your pride, call in Rudy Giuliani, yes you may think he’s the devil and you may think his stop and frisk policy was racist, it stopped crime. Do you want to stop crime and stop a child from being murdered or is your paranoia of everything being racist towards black people more important? These guys who are committing murders don’t deserve any special treatment they are a menace to the community.
  8. Revamp the community watch in these neighborhoods, get more communication out to the community, keeps police officers there 24/7.
  9. You must identify the groups of people committing these crimes it sounds like a war and not just something random.
  10. Encourage African American activists and leaders to come to Baltimore and stage events promoting unity in the community, take advantage of the people who claim they want to help the people. The more of a spotlight you can put on this situation the better.
  11. Get on all the local news stations, issue a press conference every week via Skype or some other means with the status of the fight against crime in Baltimore, get the community to sympathize and maybe just maybe people will realize it’s not worth it to ruin their own community.

This problem really takes a group effort and it’s a shame it has come to this but the lost of a real black family has helped to create this culture of violence in addition to our entertainment and the things that our community is exposed to. It’s not just poverty and racism or lack of jobs that are causing these issues, we have to have enough self respect and love for each other to realize that killing each other over a god damn job or lack thereof is not the answer. Just because racism exists is no reason to destroy each other and our community that is ridiculous and the very definition of SELF DESTRUCTION.


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