The average African American liberal in America is in some ways very unfair in their assessment to “white people” in today’s society. On one hand black people are very sensitive to being stereotyped but yet many don’t see a problem with stereotyping white people in the name of institutional racism, race and white supremacy which they believe are critical issues that effect African Americans every single day. It’s very interesting if you talk to a black conservative or independent they may not necessary have the same beliefs as a black liberal or progressive.

Here in this video we see the educated African American women who have both been educated by white people complain about white men and the patriarchy. So their first complaint is that President Trump didn’t squeeze any women onto the stage, they would have liked to probably see a Mexican, an Asian, a black person, an Indian, and members of the LGBTQ community why because if he didn’t then he’s racist for not branding the ObamaCare repeal as if it was the We Are The World music video.

Then one of the women say the men aren’t pro-life they are pro-birth because “they are fine with women having babies but they don’t really care about health issues”. They make a lot of assumptions as to what each of these men do with their significant others and it’s quite sad that they make a general argument mainly because most or all of the men on stage with Trump were white men and Republicans. Much of their argument is based on what they have been taught, and their believe about white men, white people and in particular Republicans. Most likely they don’t have any conservative friends in their personal lives and as usually the MSNBC anchor does nothing to present the other side of the coin or give the argument any sense of balance.

Then Christina Greer goes even further down the deep end and says this administration is a white supremacist administration. What these ladies don’t realize is that Donald Trump is really not a conservative, he is very liberal in the classical liberal sense of things but more important he is anti-left so he doesn’t really believe in climate change, he doesn’t support illegal immigration, but he doesn’t mind spending money and increasing the size of government in certain areas which most Democrats are fans of. Trump is also in support of amnesty which is why you haven’t seen the Trump administration deport illegal immigrants other than those who have committed crimes in America.

For the most part Black liberals and progressives are never going to be happy with anything President Trump does, they view this society and the world much differently than he does. Much of their angst is superficial, black liberals align themselves with the Democrat party which has it’s history with the KKK, racism and segregation whereas the Republican party does not and historically was the party that supported the African American community as far as as the creation of the NRA to help protect black people by helping them to arm themselves from racist whites who wanted to harm/kill them. Progressives are sensitive to wording, and to appearance this is what appeases them, which is why Nancy Pelosi can get away with telling a Democratic congressman at a rally to “tell them your a Muslim” to appeal to the ideals that progressives and liberals believe in. It doesn’t matter than Nancy Pelosi is a white women who is one of he wealthiest women in Congress, all that matters is that she speaks the language that liberals/progressives want to hear.

The sad truth is that while black liberals who are well educated fight for equality and freedom ironically they are disparaging another group of people for past acts that many of them have nothing at all to do with in the year 2017. So many whites today are being punished and criticized for something they had no part in. Instead of dealing with real racism and inequality we have allowed progressives and liberals to brand everything from white Republicans as potentially racist. President Trump has invited Democrats to meet with him either one on one or as a group but many refuse, it’s as if he’s the devil incarnate. How do they suppose to get anything done within the next 4 years? I’ll answer my own question they don’t, they plan to be the opposition party until they can figure out a way to impeach or get President Trump out of office so they can swoop in and be the savior of America. They won’t present their own ideas and plans because they don’t have any, their entire existence is based on fighting Trump at every turn. It’s quite sad that even former President Obama and Hillary Clinton feel that they have to chime in and join in the “resistance”. This is an indication that the Democrat party has a lot of work to do, all they can do is further criticize and hate on Trump at every opportunity but it does not really advance their cause.

I just hope that black liberals can wake up and see that most politicians are shit not just the GOP and that the Democrat party is playing you for a fool, just because they talk about the issues you want to hear doesn’t mean they are doing anything about it. We just went through 8 years of President Obama and apparently the United States was a utopia before Trump if you ask the average Democrat.


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