In this video the author attempts to show you just some examples of Illuminati worship within the entertainment industry. Illuminati references those people who claim to be illuminated or have been shown the light. This is a group of people from all races, nationalities, etc that work in nearly every industry and work together towards one aim which is to advanced themselves and their cause. You will find movie stars, rap stars, rock stars, journalists, politicians, religious figures and more a part of this massive group. These people normally engage in demonic rituals of all sorts and they normally flash and taunt the uninformed public with various symbols which you can easily trace back and see that it has to do with perverted occult worship. Occult means hidden so I don’t want to lead you to believe that everything in the occult world has to do with the devil or is demonic because it isn’t but what these despicable degenerate celebrities is far beyond anything wholesome, positive or godlike although they look at themselves as gods in a totally different way than most people.


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