Never before have I seen such open displays of a demonic nature. Breitbart reports that a group of witches in Brooklyn, New York are casting a hex on Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh. Not only that but there is a group of people eagerly watching and hoping that the hex works and of course Antifa and other scum of the earth protestors are onsite for this event.

Listen we already know the Democrat party, the left, the liberal progressives are of a demonic nature. Maybe not demons but certainly possessed with demonic tendencies that they thought it would be well within their rights to curse someone that they disagree with politically and socially. These demonic like creatures thought it was okay to do Gods work and take matters into their own hands. These demonic like creatures don’t believe in the rule of law, they don’t believe in the presumption of innocent. These people if you can call them that will believe almost anything they have been told to believe about the right, conservatives and Republicans.

This is a call to arms, Christians in years past sat back and did not involve themselves in politics and social matters but the fight is right on our doorstep. In fact we should have never let it get this far where these devils, these demonic entities are unafraid of coming out in the open. Witches have already put curses on President Trump, they are actively working on every prominent Republican politician. I wouldn’t be surprised if these witches are cursing every Trump supporter.

Just thinking out loud I have to ask, what do black progressives think about these witches? Most black progressives go to church which is why I wonder about this, do they agree with this, do they even know this is occurring and if they do how can they call themselves Christian and stay silent when this kind of behavior is taking place? I just don’t get it, politics does not outweigh my sensibilities, my morals and my ability to see what’s right and wrong in the world. If I see Republicans doing or saying dumb shit I won’t agree and I will say something about it, I’m not tied to the Republican party I don’t just sit back and let shit like this happen to other people. But it seems my church going black politicians are just fake. Their job is more important, their power and position in the Democrat party is way more important so they will stay silent to these type of things.

Christians it is time to unite, set differences aside, if these witches dare go out in public and curse a man just imagine what they are doing behind closed doors. This is a war, a culture war, a religious war, a war against humanity, a war that pits good versus evil essentially. This war has never ended but we have been sitting back the church walls not worrying about what happens outside of the church thinking it won’t affect us as long as we pray, thinking it won’t affect our community or our families as long as we continue to go to church every Sunday. Its time to take action like the Christian protestors who bravely went out and challenged these fucking witches. Enough is enough already. This type of negative energy can spread like wildfire if we let it.

They don’t care about Jesus, they don’t respect Jesus anymore, progressives blame Christians and see them as an enemy. I have studied the hoodoo and voodoo and the occult and I certainly believe these powers exist, the power of the mind to influence reality and to call upon spirits. But the only spirit I call upon is God and my interest in the occult which is just hidden knowledge isn’t one of perversion of negativity, I don’t want to control anyone elses mind accept for my own. I don’t want to curse anyone. I let Karma, nature and God take care of things that need to be taken care of on a spiritual level. I have known people that are into things like the Latin Prayers and putting curses on people and I have never agreed with these actions because it is negative and unproductive. I have called these people out on these actions and have argued with them into I am blue in the face. I do not accept any negativity period.

I say all this to say that I do understand this esoteric world of witches and various religions and philosophies that teach using certain powers you could call it law of attraction to make things happen, but you should never be doing these things to cause harm to other people. This is indeed what these demonic witches are about. My point is as Christians as the good people on this planet we have to understand evil, we should understand all the tricks they play, we should understand also that some of these evil bastards may be sitting in your church and could even be your Pastor, Priest. Sitting in church and praying is not enough anymore, thinking that Jesus is going to take care of everything isn’t enough if we don’t do our part. We are god soldiers on earth and there are things we need to start doing. It starts with understanding evil and then coming up with plans to take it the fuck out, to destroy it, completely.

There is a reason we have a gladiator warrior in office, what is happening now is unprecedented and may never ever happen again in this society. We have a man who is flawed but will do what he says or try very hard to keep all his promises. We have a man who openly prays in the Oval Office and make no mistake demonic liberals can’t stand it and they hate him even more for doing it. Trump is a signal that its time for all Christians no matter who you are to step up, stand out and fight however you can and don’t be afraid to think big, don’t think that you can’t beat and defeat this evil scourge that is trying to flood our society.

What the mainstream demonic media write about Christians, conservatives and Republicans everyday is pure evil. These witches who are openly on social media and literally in public conducting curses are pure evil, make no mistake. It’s time to realize that they took Jesus out of your schools, out of your colleges, and the next step is to totally demonize Jesus and to wipe him out of existence. Christians ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION YET?

High School Football Coach Fired for Taking a knee to Pray

Just think about it for a second, a country that was founded on Christian values and beliefs has banned public prayer in school. We literally now debate whether it is okay to pray in public school or not WTF? So called Christians send their children to school everyday and they spend 8 hours or more there without the ability to openly communicate with God. Sure they can do a silently but why should you have to hide the fact that you love God and that you feel like praying.

Gradually step by step religious freedom is being taken away by the social engineers.

Boy Suspended for Wearing Rosary Beads to School

Its open war on anything that is positive and good, it’s open war against Christians but I don’t always get the feeling that Christians believe this is a war.

My point is we shouldn’t need anymore evidence than just looking at society and seeing that it’s time to take action. You can write a blog and help educate the public, knowledge is power. You can work in your church, talk to your church members about the various problems going on in the world, in my opinion church shouldn’t just be a place to pray and talk about biblical matters I think we have too many problems in today’s society that can’t be ignored. The Christian Church is crucial in the fight against evil. Let’s get to work!


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