The Democrat party has evolved since President Barack Obama to becoming more radical more far left than ever before. Its quite amazing to see a group of people so distorted in their thinking and understanding of reality that they would want to abolish ICE which is an agency that helps enforce the laws of this nation. When Democrats say they want to clean up the corruption in the criminal justice system I support it, but removing an entire agency which has shown to have great value to the protection of the citizens of this country is going way to far.

Recently the Washington Post other left leaning liberal rag writes utter nonsense that quite frankly its getting to the point of being very hazardous to this country. In my opinion President Trump is right in calling fake news media an enemy of this nation because they are creating narratives that may lead to civil unrest and civil war in this country. The fake news media in their arrogance and sole mission to destroy Trump will do anything even if it includes lying through their teeth.

Here is a preview of some of the complete garbage that gets written everyday in WAPO.

Josh Rogan writes that Trump is trying to destabilize the European Union. If you do any research into the European Union you will find out that the EU has been unstable for quite some time way before President Trump ever got into office, to suggest that Trump wants to create instability in the EU is irresponsible, inaccurate, and only seeks to cause more damage to the Trump Administrations foreign policy efforts.

WAPO also writes that the White House is living in an alternate economic universe. Let that sink in for a minute. If you look at any stats you will easily be able to tell that are economy is indeed improving, is if perfect hell no, is it declining no, we are close to 4% GDP I am curious how The Washington Post can deny the great economic climate we are currently living in.

Brandon Tatum a black conservative discusses how the Democrat party has encouraged hate and fear mongering and how black people really need to be careful to analyze what is really going on in politics. No longer can you just continue to vote and support any party without doing an extensive amount of research and for most people they just don’t have the time. This is when you need to rely on a trust source of information and my suggestion is to avoid all mainstream media YES INCLUDING FOX NEWS. Find a news blog that updates their content frequently but even then you have to be able to determine what is real and what is not, you are certainly not going to get it from cable news or the mainstream media because their narrative engineers are paid millions of dollars to create a false reality for you to believe in.

Here is another interesting interview with a former Democrat Brandon Straka who founded the #WalkAway social media campaign. By the way he supported Hillary Clinton!

This isn’t good news for the Democrat party. They have been warned but will they listen. Oftentimes you will hear people say they are Democrat or support Democrat candidates because they are against racism and inequality or as Brandon Straka says because he is gay and he was led to believe that the Democrats care about gay people and will fight for gay rights. Before Donald Trump most conservatives shied away from talking about gay rights or any other type of social causes but I’m glad Trump wasn’t afraid to reach out to all Americans.


Here is a great interview with Candace Owens from Turning Point USA

I think this is bad new for the modern day Democrat party there is a growing number of black people who are starting to move away from the liberal establishment. You can blame Barack Obama for this as his presidency failed to live up to all the hype about how he was going to inspire and help the black community and heal this nation. Obama did the complete opposite. For those Democrats who are in denial thank Obama for Trump. If Obama lived up to even half of what he said during his campaign I don’t think Donald Trump would have been incentivized to run for President. I also don’t think you would have a growing number of Democrats start to support Trump.

Next we have deranged progressive Democrats harassing anyone and everyone who either supports Donald Trump or works for him. Liberals will say that because of what the Trump administration is doing separately children from their parents it is time for people to stand up to resist to harass and to let the Trump administration know how you feel. I have no problem with people protesting of course and if they have a difference of opinion I want public officials to answer for their policies and actions but Democrats aren’t approaching this situation with respect and dignity. Democrats have already made up their mind that Trump is a monster, that Trump is a demon and needs to be gotten rid of by any means necessary. Democrats don’t want to have a conservation, there is no debate, in their minds Trump is guilty as sin period end of story. The media and Democrats are encouraging mob behavior and it’s absolutely sickening, we can certainly have vigorous debate but when you actively encourage the harassment of someone you disagree with you are playing with fire. At some point someone is going to get hurt and who will the media and Democrats blame? Donald Trump of course.

Democrats can handle Trump’s tough straight forward rhetoric they associate it with him being evil, uncivil, disrespectful and creating the social chaos and behavior we see in our society. This is merely an excuse carefully crafted by the social engineers who work for the cable news networks and the mainstream media. Trump supporters understand Donald Trump, the left and the media unfortunately still do not. I don’t have any idea who he is.

Hatred is consuming the Democrat party as such they have gone mad in this quest to try and destroy Trump. You cannot sustain hatred and anger for very long without it changing your behavior and personality in a negative way, I’m afraid that the Democrats are ruining themselves and their party, this was just an election lost that has turned into Armageddon in their altered reality. You can work hard and put all your effort into trying to beat Trump in 2020 but by the time they get to 2020 they will have tried every trick in the book to no avail. Instead of taking their medicine they are having a hissy fit with each passing day. It’s really sad to see such behavior.


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