We have heard the typical scare tactics from Democrat politicians when it comes to Republican legislation and the house recently passing the ObamaCare repeal is no exception. Here is what some Democrats are saying:

Elizabeth Warren Fighting Trumpcare

Chuck Schumer Fight Against Trumpcare

Nancy Pelosi Fight Against Trumpcare

People Will Die

So as you can see Democrats are very consistent in their scare tactics against the American Health Care Act AHCA. This usually works for Democrats because the mainstream media is overwhelming liberal based/biased and most liberals/progressives/socialists will be exposed to all the alphabet media organizations CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc so unless you expose yourself to something different which is rare for most people you will believe what these guys are telling you.

Let’s bring to truth to light about the AHCA and what the GOP is planning to do and let’s keep in mind nothing has happened yet it’s only the first step to fully repealing ObamaCare the law still has to go to the next chamber which is the Senate and undoubtedly the bill will be changed/tweaked and modified.

Myths about the AHCA/AKA Trumpcare:

  1. It doesn’t cover preexisting medical conditions -> this is not true the bill will cover preexisting conditions
  2. It will make healthcare unaffordable for people with preexisting conditions -> ObamaCare is already unaffordable for millions of Americans, the entire reason for an ObamaCare replacement is to cut down the costs dramatically, it does not make the healthcare for individuals with preexisting conditions more costly
  3. States do not have to cover essential benefits -> this is another myth the way the law currently is remains the same

I urge people who want to educate and inform themselves not to just take my word for it but you can read the entire bill for yourself here.

Don’t trust the politicians to steer you in the right direction, if President Trump cured cancer the Democrats would be against it, it does not matter what he does they are the opposition party and for the next 3 years they will oppose everything he does. Do yourself a favor and find out what is fact from fiction and it doesn’t matter if you hate President Trump or not be smart and learn the truth, you may find that he is actually trying to do some good for the American people.


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