This is very refreshing, here we have a TRUE DEMOCRAT someone with common sense who ISN’T POLITICAL talk about the dangers to the Democrats by continuing to go down this road of hysterically believing without any evidence that Donald Trump needs to ultimately be impeached because of the Russian-Collusion story. It’s been well over 9 months and Democrats still strongly believe President Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia in efforts to win the United States election in 2016.

• Alan Dershowitz is NOT a Trump supporter he proudly voted for Hillary Clinton but he believes rightly so in civil liberties
• He correctly points out that hypothetically even if the Trump campaign and Russia decided it were better if Trump were to win the election it’s not a federal crime. It is political wrongdoing, it’s probably unethical but there is ZERO CRIME here.
• It’s no crime for the Trump campaign to coordinate with Wikileaks when information was released about the DNC and Hillary Clinton. It is a crime if the Trump campaign told Wikileaks or another group to hack the DNC and Hillary Clinton but there is no proof of that. He correctly points out that the Washington Post, New York Times and every other major news outlet coordinates with sources all the time it would be very similar to the Trump campaign coordinating with a news organization such as Wikileaks.
• The President can fire James Comey it is well within his rights.
• The President is well within his rights to direct the executive branch (DOJ, FBI) as regards to the theory Trump told Comey to leave Mike Flynn alone.

What we have here is 100% politics and individuals covering their asses, the sad truth is most people are caught up in the politics the allegations, the intrigue, the hearsay, the so called scandal, the myths of what Donald Trump and his campaign may or may not have done but most people can not clearly articulate what is the actual crime that was committed and what statute explains why.

Democrats, the media and the #NeverTrumpers are possessed to keep this up for as long as they can to try and taint President Trump and his administration, they know there is nothing here but if they can keep this front and center instead of the positive things Trump is doing they believe they have a good chance to dethrone him and beat him in 2020. This is a calculated planned out effort to destroy the Trump administration by any means necessary. These people do not care about the American public, they do not care whether things get done or not it’s about power and it’s about trillions of dollars at stake because President Trump is not going to go along with what the powers that be want to happen.


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