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Most Democrat voters, progressives and individuals who see themselves as far-left supporters don’t understand the Republican party, I should say more accurately they don’t want to understand conservatives. Democrats commonly believe that all Republicans are “right wingers” who are staunch 1st and 2nd amendment advocates, who are Christian and/or religious Evangelical fanatics who love their guns, who are pro-life and are typically against social causes, minorities and averse to change. These things are true but is a gross generalization because there are conservatives who are pro-choice and conservatives who strongly believe in many social issues that your average progressive believes in. Let’s discuss the Freedom Caucus which is a faction of the Republican party.  In this article I want to analyze the House Freedom Caucus to try to understand who they are and if they support President Trump’s agenda.

I’m not sure what the reason is but the House Freedom Caucus does not publicly announce who it’s members are but from Wikipedia and from various other sources we can gather the names of some of it’s members:

This is not a definitive list but we can safely assume that these individuals are current House Freedom Caucus members, there could be many more or less for some reason they choose to not to openly share who is part of this faction.

Let’s get to the analysis shall we!

Exhibit A

In 2013 the IRS targeted conservative groups who applied for tax-exempt status, heavily scrutinizing their applications whereas many progressive non profits who applied for similar tax-exempt status did not have the same experience. Ultimately House Republicans went after Lois Lerner Director of the IRS group in charge of reviewing tax-exempt statuses and couldn’t lay a glove on her despite all the evidence. The U.S. Department of Justice and FBI exonerated her in their investigations basically slapping her on the wrist and later she resigned. Lerner is clearly guilty check out this interesting video that shows her not wanting to answer any questions being caught by a local reporter in Bethesda, Maryland trying to escape into a neighbors house and it’s so bad that her own neighbors don’t even want to help her.

Okay here is the real proof:

  • Judicial Watch provided documents to the FBI which proved that Lois Lerner was well aware of the targeting of conservative groups 2 years before Congress was aware of this. The rights of countless conservative groups were violated by the IRS.

The bottom line in this example of the ineptness of the House Freedom Caucus and Republicans who they themselves eventually ended up killing the impeachment of current IRS head John Koskinen who took over amid the scandal and has pretty much found to be complicit and also contributing to the corruption at the IRS. The House Freedom Caucus who claim they work for the people and they stand by the rights of citizens had a mountain of evidence and instead of moving forward decided it was too much work to seek justice. Please read here and here for additional information.

Exhibit B

Here we have in this example The House Freedom Caucus again going against the GOP in passing a spending bill in the name of conservatism and supposedly working for the priorities of the American people.

Exhibit C

Rep. Brian Babin a Republican from Texas decides to leave the House Freedom Caucus citing this “When President Obama came to office, we had to try to stop his socialist agenda,” Babin told Fox Business, the Hill reported. “And I thought the Freedom Caucus was a great place to do that”.  Babin doesn’t feel the same urgency now that a Republican is in the White House. “Now, we have the opportunity of a lifetime with President Trump in there and his conservative agenda,” Babin said. “We have control of both houses of Congress, so we must make the best use of our opportunity.”

Rep. Ted Poe also resigned from the House Freedom Caucus a month ago stating “some members of the Freedom Caucus would “vote no against the Ten Commandments if it came up for a vote.”

The question we have to ask is who are these people in the House Freedom Caucus? Are they real Republicans? Do they support President Trump and his agenda or do they have their own agenda and who’s agenda is it? If President Trump won 306 electoral votes and has massive support nationwide despite mainstream media popularity wouldn’t it be wise for the Freedom Caucus to understand that now is time to work with President Trump and to institute his agenda which based on the past election is the will of the people?

Exhibit D

The House Freedom Caucus strongly opposed a proposal by Mitch McConnell “that would eliminate the caps on the amount parties are permitted to spend in coordination with candidates”. Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus says that this rider would rig the game for national parties ad diminish the influence of ordinary Americans in the political process”. The reason the House Freedom Caucus did not support Mitch McConnell’s proposal is because it would level the playing field and weaken their influence on the GOP which is what I secretly believe what Mitch McConnell’s plan was. The House Freedom Caucus benefits from the Citizens United case in which it’s members can get unlimited amounts of money from independent political groups, outside corporations, associations, etc that back and support what they are doing. HFC couldn’t possible allow their power within the Republican party to be weakened. Check here for more great reading on this. Here is also another great article entitled Freedom Caucus Forgets the Freedom part.

The interesting thing about the House Freedom Caucus is that we really don’t know who is behind it’s existence and why it was created. They don’t publicly disclose who belongs to it, to become a member is by invitation only and they don’t hold public meetings so the public and/or other members of congress really have no insight or influence into HFC.

Conservative pundits like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and even Breitbart News, have spoken highly of HFC and their purported conservative values in trying to save the Republic and defend the Constitution. It all sounds well and good but politics is a game, you can’t always react to what they say, it’s more important to watch what a politician DOES to understand the game they are playing. It’s quite possible that some of it’s members have good intentions and mean what they say, and truly want to work with President Trump. All we can do is wait and see, the GOP has had many years to come up with an Obamacare replacement, President Trump doesn’t write the legislation Congress does, this should be an easier effort seeing that Republicans control the White House, Congress and Senate. But we are seeing that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the GOP.



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