Reality is often based upon perception and perception is often based on what you choose to believe, what you have been trained, conditioned or brainwashed to believe. People in the media, pundits, the Deep State, the Democrats, the Republicans, etc who still hold a grudge with Donald Trump, who still want to destroy him, and his supporters, who still want to wipe out any existence that he not only ran for president but beat the system will stop at nothing to hide the truth from you. We all know that Trump talks a lot, that’s an understatement, and we all know that he sometimes says things that we can’t quite understand or get right away, so when he told the Wall Street Journal that he is both a Globalist and a Nationalist many people reacted without thinking things through. The conservative media especially reacted without carefully analyzing the situation, the context and the overall strategy of President Trump. I am here to help people understand Trump. Whether you love him or hate him it is best to gain an understanding of his positions so we can have clarity when judging his actions. You aren’t going to understand Trump by his words alone you must look at his actions and this is where most people fail.

Let’s first establish some definitions what is Globalism and what is Nationalism?

  1. Globalism according to Wikipedia is someone who advocates for increases in immigration, free trade, lowering tariffs, intervening in other countries and someone who wants global governance.
  2. Nationalism according to Wikipedia is someone who advocates for full sovereignty of one’s homeland, to maintain someone’s traditions and historical identity and patriotism towards one’s home country and it’s people.

Most conservatives are taught that globalism is a very bad word it denotes corruption, it denotes someone who wants a one-world government, someone who wants to intervene and manipulate other countries for their own benefit and someone who wants to take labor away from you and send that same labor to another country in order to get the same work done cheaper. The problem is that globalism does not have to be bad, our leaders, our politicians and our corporations have done what they always do and that is to take an opportunity to take an idea and to find all the ways they can achieve more power, more wealth and more control as opposed to extending the benefits that could be had from globalism down to the citizens of the nations participating in it.

There are pros and cons to globalism we can’t be ignorant and assume it’s all bad or that it’s all good the right answer is it depends. I can take a similar analogy and say that all corporations are bad because many do nefarious things but many don’t. Just like many things politicians and corporations tend to commit evil and with globalization it’s no different but on it’s surface it does not have to be bad if done correctly and done in a way that enhances what a particular nation may need help with.

So now that we have a clear definition of globalism let’s analyze what President Trump meant when he said “I am a nationalist and a globalist”. First I will provide a few key facts to support my argument which is that Trump did mean what he said but a large amount of conservatives based on reviewing many conservative websites, and social media don’t quite understand how Trump was thinking when he said it.

The Facts:

Exhibit A

Here is a breakdown of money that was given to all the 2016 presidential candidates, please take note of how many super PACS and Wall Street entities, and private investors gave to the Trump campaign.

2016 US Presidential Race Donors

These graphics are courtesy of the Wall Street Journal and these numbers can easily be corroborated on the FEC website as well.  Do we see a pattern here? Out of all the 2016 Presidential election candidates Donald Trump was virtually shut out of most donations if he were indeed an evil globalist surely the usual suspects who give campaign donations would have been eager to give him money?

Exhibit B

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the essence of a global trade deal which any evil globalist in their right mind would be extremely happy to enter into. But why would Donald Trump his first week in office as the 45th President terminate the deal?

Exhibit C

President Trump has long talked about getting rid of NAFTA but the internet trolls, the uneducated voters, the alt-right idiots, the pundits, the media and the conspiracy theorists aren’t smart enough to understand this and do their own research. Trump as far back as 1988 on The Oprah Winfrey Show talked about how so called “free trade deals” have been killing America and it’s workers. He has remained consistent for so many years but for some reason at ago 70 we are supposed to believe that he is now an evil globalist.

The Trump Administration has remained consistent in their position that NAFTA must be fair for all countries especially the United States and if not he would withdraw the US. The evidence shows that the Trump Administration is taking a much different approach to free trade agreements than their predecessors but a short statement from Trump can cause people to get hysterical and believe that hes suddenly changing it’s tune, could it be that the fake news media is starting to have some effect??

In summary here is my analysis of what Trump meant when he said he’s a globalist and a nationalist, basically he’s saying that he is for America first but that he also wants to participate in fair free trade agreements with other countries. When Trump says he’s a globalist it was a message to the world and our current trading partners Mexico, Canada, China, etc that he wants to do deals with foreign nations, with our foreign partners but that it has to be fair and it must benefit America and it’s citizens. He means he is a globalist in terms of economic development with other countries helping the United States. Trump does not mean he is globalist in terms of taking over other countries, intervening or exploiting them from his actions it should be clear to see. This comment came off the heals of a Syrian strike and the conspiracy theories went nuts reacting to what they thought was a Donald Trump turning into George W Bush. Nothing could be further from the truth, you can’t understand Trump just by what he says you have to look at his actions and understand that he is playing chess. He meant what he said but most people that aren’t well researched on Trump don’t understand the way he thinks.



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