We’ve all heard the mainstream liberal media and politicians tell us time and time again that they are against violence they when “they go low we go high” from Michelle Obama but the reality is Democrats and the media say one thing and do another.

Maxine Waters recently came out and encouraged people to harass anyone involved or associated with the Trump Administration. “If you see anyone from that cabinet in a restaurant in a department store at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome”. In a nutshell Maxine Waters endorses mob behavior and harassment against the Trump Administration. This lead to some Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to distance themselves from these comments but in reality this kind of hyperbolic rhetoric has been spewed by the left since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

Democrats and the media will have you believe that Donald Trump started all of this because of his so called racist and hate-filled rhetoric against illegal aliens and Muslims. They point the finger squarely at Trump and they fail to hold themselves responsible for any actions or negative sentiments they make against President Trump. There is a big difference between having a tough stance and having tough policies to openly encouraging people to harass your political enemies. Donald Trump has never encouraged Trump supporters to go out and beat up Democrats, Donald Trump has never encouraged Trump supporters who own restaurants or other businesses to refuse service to Democrats or other political foes this behavior is just not a part of the Republican party.

I agree President Trump is tough but who wouldn’t be when you look at the way the country has been managed any business man or woman who has had any amount of success would be appalled at just how far down the gutter the country was going under the leadership of the Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Obama era.

When you have people in Hollywood openly saying they want to rape Melania and “pimp her out” when you have people in Hollywood saying they want to rip Barron Trump from his mothers arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles you really have to wonder just how sick these people are. I could make a list of 100 vile and vicious things that have been said about Donald Trump and his family and it wouldn’t compare to anything Trump has said I don’t put what Trump says in the same category. When he talks about illegal aliens being invaders and invading America I don’t associate that with racist hate speech but unfortunately the left does. Almost anything the left doesn’t like or agree with politically is hate speech.

You can watch CNN or MSNBC and progressive commentators like little children will say that the rhetoric starts at the top and that Donald Trump himself has started all of this but I call BULLSHIT to those claims. President Obama himself compared Republicans to Iranian hard-liners which is quite instructive if you think about it, a US president compares his political enemies to Iranian dictators is amazing. When Hillary Clinton calls tens of millions of Trump supporters “deplorables” the media never tells us that Hillary Clinton spews hate speech. To call someone deplorable is about the worst thing you can call someone. Samantha Bee can call Ivanka Trump a “fucking cunt” and she gets to keep her job but Roseanne Bar is shutdown immediately because she dared make a joke about someone in the Obama Administration and yes I thought her joke was fowl and vicious.

There is a double standard in this country and liberal progressive Democrats don’t understand or see their own part to play in the way the country is now. They believe anything bad that happens is because of Donald Trump and they hold no responsibility at all. They believe they are doing the right thing by “fighting hate speech” and “fighting against anti-Muslim sentiments” out of the current White House. The problem here is that liberalism is hypocritical in nature, liberals are never wrong, if they are wrong they never admit it, if they don’t admit it it’s perceived as a little white lie. When your a liberal you have cognitive dissonance; you cheer on the Red Hen restaurant from kicking out Sarah Sanders White House Press Secretary from being able to have dinner with her family while at the same time claiming that President Trump and his administration is bigoted while at the same time they are demonstrating bigoted behavior. If you really break it down it’s quite amazing how people on both sides of the political isle can be irrational.

The interesting thing is not just the comments that are made in public by lunatic far left radicals but also the organizations and media organizations that seek to support and cheer them on and give them cover. This war was started well before Trump got in office, it was started back during the Tea Party days, it was started when the IRS and Lois Lerner targeted Conservative groups, it started when conservative speakers want to speak at college campuses and get harassed or forced to stop speaking because the snowflakes on campus are offended by an opinion that is much different than their own. It started when Antifa openly targeted Trump supporters during his inauguration and had plans to throw human feces at Trump supporters. It started when lunatic pundits on MSNBC literally call 63 million Trump supporters all Nazi’s just because they voted for and support Trump. How do you not see this as a war that the left has had against the right well before the Trump era. They will conveniently try to pin their frustrations on Trump but the left has been trying to control this country, to country the people of this country and gradually take away your rights for decades. If you do your homework and research you will come to the same conclusion.

The Democrat Party has changed it is now radical far left and this trend is not going away. If they feel you are a threat they believe they are within their rights to use any course of action against you including harass, public shaming, protests and if needed violence. Liberals justify their behavior by creating this false believe that what you stand for is detrimental to society or to some identity group that they hold sacred. This allows them to “do whatever is necessary” to stop you. I’ve scoured the internet, I’ve had conversations and debates with many liberals and I understand exactly how they think. It’s eye opening. Make no mistake about it, whether conservatives and Christians, Independents, etc like it or not liberals are at war with anyone not a part of their club, they are well organized and well funded and they will happily violate your rights and the law to win. Nothing is out of bounds for these people. There is no tolerance and understanding the only time they want to have a conservation is so they can tell you how to act otherwise they don’t care at all what you think.




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