In 2015-2016 President Obama along with the help of 27 Republican Senators and 150 Republicans in Congress voted in support of a massive 1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus spending bill.

The Republicans who often talk about fiscal responsibility, shrinking the government, battling illegal immigration, helping the American taxpayer, etc have allowed one of the most expensive bloated spending bills in history to take place. Not only that but included in the bill are things that conservative voters reject but that didn’t stop these Republicans from voting for it.

  • The Omnibus fully funded DACA
  • The Omnibus fully funded Sanctuary cities
  • The Omnibus fully funded the Refugee resettlement programs
  • The Omnibus quadrupled H-2B foreign worker Visas
  • The Omnibus funds tax credits for illegal aliens
  • and much much more

In other words President Obama when he was in office got everything he ever wanted and all the tough talk from Republicans was merely hot air. This articles goes into more detail read it here.

My point is that the Republican Establishment is just as bad as the Democrat Establishment, they are one in the same meaning they work together towards one end. It’s called the UniParty. This is why you see former Presidents Bill Clinton with George Bush together, because they are best buddies and because politics is all a game.

Conservative voters have been manipulated by the media, by pundits, and by how poorly they keep themselves informed to willingly participate in the game of politics and so you have just like clock work, conservative voters overwhelming voting for the Republican candidate and liberal progressive voters supporting the Democrat candidate during every election cycle. We have all been programmed to believe we must follow the left/right paradigm. It has never occurred to most of the voters that you can write-in any candidate you choose including yourself, it has never occurred to most voters that if you stop voting for either party you send a strong message to the system that you are no long going to participate in the game because you understand that just like in Las Vegas casinos in politics “the system always wins”. But during the 2016 election the system did not win, an insurgent candidate beat the entire mainstream media establishment, beat the entire Democrat party, beat the entire Republican party, beat the liberal academia and liberal entertainment influences to win a historic victory that may never again be seen probably ever again.

Most people don’t realize how fake the Republican party is, there may be a small handful of legitimately honest politicians with integrity that came to Washington, DC to try and help the people but that’s it everybody else is a salesman, they are well practiced and good communicators but deep in their heart they have no intention of doing much to help the public if they happen to help the public it’s by accident. These politicians at times may have to pass a bill or to before their reelection to show their constituents that they are indeed working for them. As you follow this website we will analyze these dirty rotten corrupt politicians and give you all the evidence so you will know exactly who they are. The Democrat party is exactly the same they just cover a different spectrum of thinking, they will never be the reason why people are free. At some point in the near future people will realize on both sides of the isle that most of these people are doing nothing but blowing hot air.



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