CNN never ceases to amaze me at just how dedicated they are to putting out fake news. Sure you may find some truth “somewhere” in their reporting but they have such a blatant disregard for the principles of journalism and reporting it should be clear to everyone their agenda isn’t for the betterment of the American public.

It’s time we properly categorized what CNN largely is which is Opinion Journalism. As Wikipedia states this is the type of journalism that “makes no claim of objectivity”. “Unlike advocacy journalism, opinion journalism has a reduced focus on facts or research and its perspective is often of a more personalized variety. Its product may be only one component of a generally objective news outlet, rather than the dominant feature of an entire publication or broadcast network.”

At the same time most of the media in my analysis engages in Advocacy Journalism or a combination of advocacy journalism and opinion journalism.

Advocacy journalism is a genre of journalism that intentionally and transparently adopts a non-objective viewpoint, usually for some social or political purpose. Because it is intended to be factual, it is distinguished from propaganda. It is also distinct from instances of media bias and failures of objectivity in media outlets, since the bias is intended. ”

I’m not sure there are any journalistic standards that CNN follows but the Canadian Association of Journalists offered some advice for advocacy journalists to follow:

  • Acknowledge your perspective up front.
  • Be truthful, accurate, and credible. Don’t spread propaganda, don’t take quotes or facts out of context, “don’t fabricate or falsify”, and “don’t judge or suppress vital facts or present half-truths”
  • Don’t give your opponents equal time, but don’t ignore them, either.
  • Explore arguments that challenge your perspective, and report embarrassing facts that support the opposition. Ask critical questions of people who agree with you.
  • Avoid slogans, ranting, and polemics. Instead, “articulate complex issues clearly and carefully.”
  • Be fair and thorough.
  • Make use of neutral sources to establish facts.

Let’s look at the latest claims from Brian Stetler a news anchor on CNN.

Stelter makes the connection that a Trump Tweet at 3:14am instigated and encouraged someone to stick a pipe bomb in the mail and send it to CNN.

Then we see Brian Stelter attempt to research more into Trump and his rallies by asking the question WHAT IS TRUMP ACCOMPLISHING WITH HIS RALLIES?

Notable quotes from his commentary:

  • “when your in that pen you really do feel like a zoo animal” he is referring to the area the press uses to record, shoot video and report on the event at the Trump rally.
  • “before the rally people are gawking at you, saying your fake news, enemy of the people”.
  • “parts of the crowd are primed to chant CNN sucks, but then after they did that one of the men walked over and said hey nothing personal”.
  • “Trump is leading a hate movement against the media” he does acknowledge that “not everyone in his crowd believes it but some do and that is dangerous”.

What is a hate movement? There is no common definition for a hate movement but Wikipedia defines a hate group as this “A hate group is a social group that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, nation, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society. According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a hate group’s “primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of the organization.”

If you analyze the MAGA Make America Great Again movement you would find out that MAGA people love their country, they are very patriotic, they could be religious but not always, they believe in helping America First but they don’t hate or dislike our friends around the globe. Conservatives have been treated very unfairly in the media and yes many conservatives and Republicans HATE the media but in a way that someone would hate their in-laws or hate rush our traffic or hate their boss, or hate it when their taxes go up.

There is anger and resentment towards the mainstream media and cable news outlets like CNN and rightly so. CNN tries to be slick and suggest that Trumps creating a hate movement and the result is what we saw last week with various pipe bombs mailed to prominent critics of Donald Trump which CNN called TRUMPS TARGETS.

CNN needs to frame Trump and his supporters as a hate movement to subjugate MAGA. To remove any credibility of it being a peaceful movement. This is why CNN and other media outlets will be quick to highlight and use anything they can to point out that Trump is riling up his followers and making people hate the media.

The Real Problem The Media Has

More and more people everyday are beginning to distrust the media and Donald Trump has been very effective at challenging the ruling class in the press who aren’t used to being challenged. CNN can write a fake story and within an instance one of Trump’s tweets can vaporize the impact of it. Trump has shown that he is light years ahead of the mainstream media in terms of persuading and attracting loyal followers. PERSUATION IS THE KEY WORD.

Scott Adams does an amazing job of outling and explaining the difference between Trump’s persuasion skills and Hillary’s. Note Scott Adams is a trained hypnotist and persuasion expert along with being the creator of the cartoon Dilbert.

CNN Wants True Leadership

It is an important skill to look at someone whom you want to believe, someone who looks good or talks good, someone personable and likeable and be able to determine when they are telling you the truth or not.

Let’s analyze and summarize what social narrative engineer aka news anchor Anderson Cooper is trying to do here:

  1. He tells us suspicious packages have been sent to very prominent opponents of Donald Trump.
  2. Whoever sent them is still on the loose (not as of the date of writing this blog)
  3. He tells us we are learning far more about the “pieces of this plot” (in other words who is responsible DONALD TRUMP)
  4. He’s “keeping them honest” by focusing on what those “pieces add up to”. Insert the word circumstance for pieces.
  5. He tells us that the President of the United States can’t seem to see what these “pieces add up to”. In other words why can’t Trump see HE is the problem.
  6. He proceeds to engage his scare tactic by telling us to remember IF those devices had exploded the country would be making funeral arrangements right now for 2 MURDERED ex presidents, a former vice president, a former secretary of state, a sitting Congresswomen, a former head of the CIA, a renowned actor and the people we work alongside of everyday. Not to mention potentially postal workers, and police or any number of bystanders. The phrase 2 murdered ex presidents was included in his prewritten monologue to heighten the emotional response that the viewers would have.
  7. Cooper then introduces an authority figure into his routine “as Presidential Historian Douglass Brinkley pointed out earlier today the sheer number of targets and devices is unprecendented and given who was being targeted this is the kind of event when Presidents traditionally might become aware of the awesome responsibility they have to all Americans of all political stripes. It is a moment that traditionally inspires deep humility, its a moment of leadership. I am reminded that Donald Trump is not a traditional President, nor right now is he acting like a traditional leader.

This is a play on words, Anderson Cooper suggests that in moments of crisis or events a leader is supposed to have deep humility. What he really means is this event happened to your critics why don’t you stop attacking them politically because something bad almost happened to them.

Watch the rest of the video and play it extra slow so you can begin to see he is artfully using language as a weapon to influence you in a calm sympathetic tone. CNN spends very little time discussing the actual culprit who has now been caught, the culprit in their eyes is Donald Trump.

Mark Levin Goes Postal On Left-Wing Caller

This is another instructive video, just listen to this short 7 minute video or you can read the transcript below. The liberal caller believes that the influence of the President is much greater than any senators, congress person, or anyone else in our society as such his rhetoric has triggered someone to commit acts of violence against his enemies. His example is when Donald Trump talked about punching someone in the face at one of his rallies. Yes it’s true. Barack Obama also talked about bringing a gun to a knife fight. Neither of these comments disturb me by the way.

Audio Transcript Courtesy of Trump Fan Network YouTube Channel

Robert Garland Texas the great WBA PA liberal GO.

Hello Marc I listen to your show often I don’t
agree with you almost ever but I have up
until now respected you greatly because
I think that everything you said is sincere.

Okay right sir now don’t psychoanalyze me go
ahead and make your point you don’t know
me you know nothing about me
I don’t know you just make your point.

My point is that you are trying to say that
others in America whether they’re
senators or whatever have the same
amount of weight in what they say as the
President of the United States.

I absolutely didn’t say that but I
will say that the president of the United States
has said nothing nothing that would
trigger somebody to do something like
this nothing.

At his rallies he has literally
called and said I wish it was the time
where we could just punch people in the

Yeah he mentioned once punching but
let me ask you a question sir do you know
who Oscar Lopez Rivera is?

Let me ask you question I want to have a discussion with
you if you will allow it, do you know who Oscare Lopez Rivera is?

I’m gonna ask you one more time do you know who Oscar
Lopez Rivera is it’s not a trick yes or no?

Yes but that is not what we are talking about.

Who is he who is he?
Get him off the air he’s a liar.

He was the head of the FALN bombers in this country that
resulted in the death of a police
officer two police officers and several
bombings and Barak Obama commuted his
sentence and all the rest of them that
were involved in that gang Bill Clinton
pardoned them.

Now you want to talk about
presidential responsibility let’s talk
about presidential responsibility.

Barack Obama best buddies with Ayers another bomber
Bernardine Dohrn another bomber commutes the sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera who
never recant who never backed off what
he did even Clinton wouldn’t commute his
sentence while commuting all the others.

I don’t need lectures from you people on
the left and neither does the President
of the United States you are full of it.

“The Presidents said punch somebody in
the mouth” these guys were bombing the country!
Civilians police officers and you
elected Obama president and you
reelected Clinton president shocking.

Absolutely shocking and I have to listen
to the moral outrage of the left the
moral outrage of the media it’s
preposterous it’s disgusting it’s like
this khashoggi matter you’ve this Iran
that slaughters journalists left and
right slaughters gay people left and right
slaughters Christians left and right
the second highest execution rate in
the world behind China Obama facilitates
a deal in which he gives them a hundred
and fifty billion dollars and one and a
half billion dollars in the cover of
darkness what foreign currency they
killed American soldiers and suddenly
the left is upset with Trump’s rhetoric.

They’re not upset with their own rhetoric I never get a
caller here from the left complaining
about Antifa it is a violent left-wing
militia group a Marxist militia group
and we had individuals on CNN like Don
Lemon people on MSNBC who downplayed
their violence.

They train they come armed, excuses are
made for them but Trump’s rhetoric you
see is what’s pushing the country over
the edge.

One of the biggest animals in
human history is Adolf Hitler
they call him Hitler they call American
citizens who voted for him
Nazis racists.

But it’s Trump you see if
the left and the Democrats and the media
had accepted the results of this last
election in 2016
criticized a president of course but try
to destroy him
come up with Russian conspiracy theories.

Act like they’re the National Enquirer
with every allegation try and force him
from office talk about his mental
illness and on and on and on.

If they accepted his legitimacy as president and
criticized his policies or what he was
saying that’s one thing but that’s not
what’s going on in this country that’s
not what’s going on in this country and
we all know it.

So don’t call your little whiny ass to me and sayyes but Trump
said you had no idea who Oscar
Lopez Rivera was none and you don’t give
a damn you didn’t care about Bill Ayers
you didn’t care about Bernardine Dohrn
Khalidi another one you don’t care about any of

Incredible really incredible really
and what exactly has Trump said that
would cause somebody to try and blow up
12 other people or threatened 12 other

What does he say? He says punch somebody in the face?

So when Obama said get in the face when holder said kick
them when they’re down and I go on and
on and on did that spark some Republican? No.

When Bernie Sanders goes on and on
about how horrible America how about how
unjust it is how people are
discriminated against how racist we are
on and on and on what kind of support
does that build for a society or does it
cause some nut to go to a baseball field
in Alexandria Virginia with a sniper
rifle and start shooting Republicans
with a list in his pocket. We don’t need
any lectures from you leftist that’s for
sure or you clowns in the media I’ll be
right back.

Not many people can go off like Mark Levin. CNN is going to lose this information battle. This battle for the minds of good Patriotic people. They will lose because the truth will always prevail.



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