A Response To Mainstream Journalism

I recently read this vox.com article that was trending in which the author Ezra Klein discussed the state of affairs in our country, whether the media is making American politics worse and the rise of Donald Trump. Ezra Klein suggests that the media is failing not because they aren’t doing their jobs but that the world around them is changing. He claims that “President Trump is the most successful media hacker out there, but he’s not the only one.”

It’s interesting that he believes Trump is using the media to “fracture American democracy”. I think this really boils down to belief systems and perspectives. In today’s society if you are a Democrat, liberal or progressive your perspective on President Trump is probably similar to the following:

  • Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election through fraudulent means because 17 intelligence agencies all confirmed that there was an attempt to hack our election system.
  • Trump has sexually assaulted multiple women and shouldn’t have been allowed to be President of the United States.
  • Trump filed for bankruptcy twice he doesn’t know how to run a successful business, he’s a fraud.
  • Trump took advantage of individuals through his Trump University program where he told people they would be taught how to make money in real estate and they spent tens of thousands of dollars and did not receive the training and information they expected.
  • Trump’s wife is a former prostitute.
  • Trump is a racist and his family has ties to Nazi Germany.
  • Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.
  • Trump is a fake billionaire he never shared his personal tax returns like every other Presidential candidate.
  • Trump is a mean racist who hates Mexicans.
  • “I hate Trump’s orange hair.”
  • The list of things to hate Trump for expands everyday..

The average conservative does not automatically trust the media like your average liberal. Over 90% of all news agencies are left leaning so that inherently builds trust and authority with progressives and Democrats. Often times the liberal media does not simply report news with a left slant they write and report about Republicans and Conservatives in an unfriendly hostile way that has helped build distrust among the American public that Republicans are racist evil people who only care about themselves. As a result conservatives view the mainstream media as an adversary and never expect the media to tell the truth especially when it comes to understanding their point of view and what they believe in.

Your political and personal philosophy your upbringing, and economic status have a lot to do with shaping your belief system and perspectives. The modern day media has shown us they have very little diversity of thought and understanding, the media has proven to us that they can only serve people who closely share their own beliefs.

The Media Believes What They Are Doing is Heroic

The journalist who wrote this article claims the media has been heroic in their investigations into Donald Trump’s finances, the #MeToo movement and war zone coverage. It’s interesting that the media believes that investigating Donald Trump’s finances is something that will serve the general public when at least 50 million people voted for him. If you took a poll you would find that the only people who care about Trump’s tax returns are his political opponents in the media and unhinged angry Democrats who will stop at nothing to GET RID OF TRUMP. Getting access to Trump’s taxes does nothing for the country it only helps a certain segment of the population in their quest to try and impeach Trump. I don’t see anything heroic about trying to impeach a duly elected President especially when we still don’t have a sliver of proven evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the Presidency.

The Media Was Anti-Trump From The Beginning

From the beginning of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2016 the press has not displayed any amount of fair and balanced coverage. If you are going to investigate Trump why haven’t other people who are worthy of investigation had the same treatment? Many Americans believe the Clinton Foundation deserves looking into but these investigations by the “heroic media”never take place. Millions of Americans would like to know what was the extent of the Obama Administrations spying on the Trump campaign and why, but there is little curiosity among liberal journalists to ask and answer those tough questions.

Most Americans agree that sexual assault and rape is abhorrent but when people see Keith Ellison getting a pass and Brett Kavanaugh framed as a gang rapist and a drunk with no corroborating evidence this doesn’t build any trust for the mainstream media among conservatives. Republicans strongly believe there is a double-standard in the press.

Does The Media Understand Donald Trump? Do They Want To?

I can’t name any person on planet earth right now that gets destroyed more in the media than Donald Trump. Any objective observer would have to agree the media has gone out of their way to present a negative image of many things Trump does. There are entire books written on the subject of Trump vs The Deep State, Trump vs The Media, The Russian Hoax and much more. Here are some books that can help you get up to speed with a completely different perspective than what you will ever see in the liberal press:

Notice: these are affiliate links if you purchase through these links I may receive a commission from Amazon. I would appreciate it if you do decide to buy one of these great books you buy through my link.

There is an equal amount of books on the left-wing side of the isle but they are all mostly hit pieces not much different than the coverage you see on the cable news networks everyday.

Donald Trump is the first Republican President in a long time to fight back and defend himself against what he believes is unfair inaccurate or fake news. President George W. Bush was treated with contempt by the media as well but he never fought back he just took it on the chin. The media isn’t used to a Republican fighting back, they are used to being able to write one or two stories about you and ruin your career as a politician.

The Obama Administration actually spied on journalists but can you imagine the uproar if the Trump Administration was doing that? https://theweek.com/articles/464430/why-did-obama-administration-spy-associated-press. It’s very hypocritical when today’s media core talk about how Trump is waging war and trying to silence a free press when President Obama literally did try to silence the media, spy on the media and take down his political enemies.

Modern Day Media

The cable news networks no longer own and control the narrative, there are many YouTube channels with more active subscribers and viewers than some of the traditional cable news stations. The Web and Social Media have given people more choices now.

Patriotic Americans who didn’t even vote for Trump are turned off by the constant Trump bashing. While Trump and his communication team try to get the message out to the general public about important policies and changes to our laws that will impact our country, the mainstream media seems to dedicate much of its time on the next anti-Trump hit piece.

The Media Blames Itself For Trump’s Rise

Ezra Klein says “we’ve become very critical of Trump, but I’m not sure that we have really thought through our culpability in his rise.”

The press based on their own writings see themselves as saviors and/or adversaries who have the job of stopping Trump, making him ineffective in his role as President.

The Role Of Journalists

Jay Rosen makes a comment in the article “I don’t think our journalists have learned how to angle their work so that they can defend democratic institutions.” I honestly don’t think journalists should be defending democratic institutions I think they should be providing the public with all the facts and then letting politicians do all the defending unless your an opinion journalist or a pundit.

The article then mentions Amy Klobuchar as one of the most popular Senators in the country, I don’t know if that is true or not but for the sake of argument let’s say it is. She is a Democrat Senator from Minnesota and I think the reason she is popular is because she has the ability to be respectful to the other side.

Just recently we’ve had President Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, CNN and several other prominent figures sent pipe bombs in the mail. None of the bombs went off but I would like to highlight the response from the media framing Trump as being responsible for the pipe bombs.


Manhunt For Serial Bomber
Manhunt For Serial Bomber

The narrative agents at CNN decided to frame this story in a way that the victims of this incident were TRUMP”S TARGETS, that he in some way was responsible whether in rhetoric, tone or action in influencing someone to put a pipe bomb in the mail. This is quite a stretch but one that the media is never afraid to make when it comes to Donald Trump.

When Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and nearly killed in a 2017 Congressional baseball event by a left-wing activist who was a Bernie Sanders supporter you never saw headlines suggesting Sanders had anything to do with the shooting. When Republicans and conservatives see this hypocrisy in the media they never forget it.

Divisive Comments From Democrats Go Unchecked

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris have received zero push back from the media for comments they have made.

Democrat Senator Cory Booker says “Get Up In The Face Of Some Congresspeople”

Kamala Harris makes a joke on the talk show Ellen:

“If you had to be stuck in an elevator with either President Trump, Mike Pence or Jeff Sessions who would it be?”

Does one of us have to come out alive?” Harris asked, to a roar of cheering from the audience. Even Degeneres applauded the senator’s wit.

It’s no big deal to the press, Kamala merely “ruffled some feathers” by suggesting that her political enemies should die.

If Donald Trump makes a joke about a man body slamming a reporter he is inciting and encouraging violence against the media. Such hypocrisy by the media.

Trump Supporters Are Mindless Followers According To The Media

Jay Rosen in the last paragraph of the vox article says “there’s a core of Trump supporters who at this point disbelieve the Voxes and Washington Posts and New York Times of the world on principle because they’ve been instructed to do that.” Actually Republicans in general have known there is a double standard in the media for quite some time, since George W. Bush was in office. The distrust of the media didn’t just start with Donald Trump.

Headlines like these are why conservatives tend not to trust the media:

WAPO Trump Complicit Hurricane
WAPO Trump Complicit Hurricane

Look at this headline that was printed just after Billy Graham died by the trusted Washington Post:

Billy Graham WAPO Article Headline
Billy Graham WAPO Article Headline

The Washington Post with more fake Russian news, we are supposed to believe with zero evidence that Trump gave the Russian diplomat pictured below classified information, WOW.

WAPO Russian Trump
WAPO Russian Trump

Here goes a New York Times hit piece intended to damage Nikki Haley but it turns out she had absolutely nothing to do with spending $50 grand on curtains, it was the Obama Administration that spent the money. The New York Times was forced to issue a retraction on the story but most people never see the retractions, so fake news is easily spread and believed because people tend not to return back to rereading an article they have already read.

Let’s take the fictional article on the New York Times where they actually fantasize about Trump getting assassinated https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/clay-waters/2018/10/24/disgusting-ny-times-publishes-trump-assassination-fantasy-fiction.

Its no problem to fantasize about assassinating President Trump, liberals don’t find this alarming but if Trump jokes about body slamming a report that is alarming to them. If Trump supporters chant “CNN SUCKS” at a rally that is divisive to the media, but it’s not divisive to dream about Donald Trump getting killed. These are clear examples of the media’s double standard.

Understanding Trump

Donald Trump has always had a flair for exaggeration, it comes with the territory when your a person who thinks big and always wants and strives for the best in life. Exaggeration doesn’t equal lying, lying is usually when you intentionally mislead someone in a way that will negatively impact them.

For example if President Trump says that his policies have brought back our economy the media will say NO it’s because of what President Obama has done previously so in their minds this is ANOTHER LIE by Trump.

If President Trump says a new company is moving into Ohio and it’s going to bring in over 50,000 new jobs the media will say its only reported to bring in 45,000 jobs and to them IT’S ANOTHER LIE, to them “TRUMP LIES EVERYDAY IN THE OVAL OFFICE.”

Trump said he would help bring in more jobs to the country and he did, this is how Republican, conservatives and Trump supporters see it and the media can’t refute that fact so instead they obsess over exact details not getting the point that any amount of new jobs is a very good thing for American citizens.

The Media Can’t Stop Trump

The media can’t prevent the rise of Donald Trump, there is no way to separate Trump from his supporters unless he stops fulfilling his campaign promises to them.

When will the media learn that after many years of lying, misrepresenting, omitting key details, being hostile to Republicans and blatantly creating fake stories that it wasn’t going to help bring the country together.

Donald Trump is doing exactly what HIS SUPPORTERS WANTED HIM TO DO this is why his supporters will never leave him. They voted for him and he won, this is the way our system was intended to work.

The media has chosen to de-legitimize the 2016 Presidential Election which has caused great damage to our country. Half of America hates the President simply because of media reporting, half of America hates the media, half of America thinks Trump supporters are racist, and half of America thinks that Democrats, liberals and progressives are evil.

The media has done very little to create harmony among Americans with differing points of view. Most Republicans believe the mainstream media is a separate arm of the Democrat Party.

Trump doesn’t have to hack the media, they hack themselves by having a closed mind. The world is changing and the media is incapable of changing with it.


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