I’m amazed that I would be referencing MSNBC as a sane voice in the mainstream corporate media but Joe Scarborough brings up something that many conservatives have realized and experienced for years which is that our media is in no way shape or form fair, balanced or whatever kind of claims they try to suggest to us. If the media was just giving us the facts from every single point of view then the mood in this country would not be as divisive as it us between liberals, progressives, libertarians, conservatives, blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos, Muslims, etc. For the record I used to be a Democrat, then in my college years I became very militant and pro black then the more I learned about history and politics I realized I aligned more to conservative ideas than progressive ones. I consider myself an independent conservative, I don’t trust most establishment Democrats and I don’t trust most establishment Republicans. I seek to understand how Democrats as well as Republicans think about issues, there are times where Democrats are in the right and Republicans are in the wrong and vice versa. The point of this website is to illustrate that you can not blindly align yourself to any political party and that having an independent mind regardless of politics is often the best choice. With that said Democrats are often in the wrong and as I analysis the world I see that they are very hypocritical about a lot of things.

Hillary Clinton maligned Donald Trump when he said he may not accept the election results if they are not fair and so did the entire mainstream media for the most part. Now that Trump has won the election the same people that attacked Donald Trump for refusing to accept the election results if they were rigged are now the same people questioning the legitimacy of the election. But where is the NY Times in criticizing Jill Stein who is a pawn and shielding Hillary Clinton so she can indirectly take part in this “recount”? Where is the Washington Post in criticizing these moves by Jill Stein? Where is the rest of the media whom are supposed to be fair and balanced? In fact they are criticizing Donald Trump again for not loving the idea of a recount and getting on Twitter and speaking his mind.

Joe Scarborough a Republican himself rips into the media for their hypocrisy:


The hypocrisy is that when Donald Trump suggested that the election could be hacked or manipulated or that there could be massive voter fraud he was demonized in the media for any suggesting such a thing.

Here is President Obama telling us that “of course the election won’t be rigged, what does that mean?”

To note President Obama says the claims made by Donald Trump were ridiculous but now it appears that it’s perfectly okay for Jill Stein to spend millions of dollars on a recount and it is unclear what she gains for this. I have a theory but I will share it in another post.

Just look at the utter contempt that the NY Times has for Donald Trump’s rigged election claims, but yet when Hillary Clinton wants a recount to supposedly check our fair and balanced election process it’s not met with the same scrutiny.

On Trump Twitter, a Rigged Election, No Matter What


Donald Trump Won’t Say if He’ll Accept Result of Election


Shameful Silence on Donald Trump’s Lies About Vote-Rigging


And now Trump Claims, With No Evidence, That Millions of People Voted Illegally


I could go on but I think you get the picture, no matter what Trump says or does he’s wrong in the eyes of the mainstream press.

I would suggest that any doubters of voter fraud or election rigging look up Bev Harris who is a Democrat and no lover of Donald Trump who has produced a documentary on this subject years ago outlining with evidence (that apparently the NY Times journalists don’t have access to) that election rigging already has taken place in major elections such as George Bush and Al Gore. The Documentary is called Hacking Democracy please do yourself a favor and watch this documentary if you honestly don’t think that election rigging isn’t possible or hasn’t ever happened. Again she is a Democrat she started her crusade many years ago. You can rent the movie or buy the DVD on Amazon.com here is the link.

The bottom line here is that instead of reacting with vitriol to everything Donald Trump says do some digging and you will find out that he’s not so crazy after all. The corporate media wants you to believe Trump is dangerous but it’s time to start using your own mind. The point is this is beyond Donald Trump, it’s time to uncover the truth, whether it affects someone politically that you like or not. I’m not against a recount if that’s what Hillary Clinton along with Jill Stein wants to do but I’m against the hypocrisy of making Donald Trump out to be a bad guy when he suggested the same thing months ago but now it seems reasonable because a liberal is saying it.


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