Post election 2016 and liberals far and wide are licking their wounds trying to cope with “the impending doom” of a President Trump in 2017 and beyond. I want to turn your attention to a post on Quora titled “How do you convince liberals that Donald Trump is going to be a good president?”. In typical fashion liberals try to illustrate how devastatingly evil the Republican President-Elect is and will be to the United States and the world. In this article I’m going to break down some of the reoccurring claims and narratives that are constantly brought up by the mainstream media and liberals alike.

Donald Trump has caused an increase in bullying in schools:

An article at describes how “kids are shouting build the wall at Latino kids in school and waving their hands around to imitate a disabled kid like the Republican nominee for president Donald Trump did”. What I find interesting about this example is that yes children mimic adults for better or worse but when do we start holding the parents the family and the community responsible for their behavior? When I was in grade school there were plenty of bad examples for me to choose from, let’s take the drug dealer at the street corner or the neighborhood drunk, not every adult is going to be a perfect role model, you can’t completely shield your children from everything negative or bad but you can arm them with the knowledge to prepare them for whatever undesirable things they may see or experience.

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s so I have an old school mentality of “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. In today’s society we are not doing children any favors by giving them an illusion of a perfect world without bullies.  Having an anti-bullying campaign is like trying to have an anti-swearing or anti-alcohol or anti-sex campaign in Hollywood, it’s just not going to happen. Politics is a dirty business, and I don’t believe that a child should be allowed to consume it without being informed about every perspective and given some context, the problem is liberals not all but many are not capable of providing a clear and sound perspective on conservative ideas so parents, teachers, family members, etc fail to properly educate the child on Donald Trump’s views and merely parrot the mainstream media when they give their opinion of Donald Trump. I challenge any Democrat to prove that their opinion of Donald Trump was done organically within their own mind and through their own research and study and that they were not influenced at all by the New York Times, the Huffington Post, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, <insert your favorite liberal media station>, etc.

The hypocrisy of liberals is that you never heard them worrying about the kids when Bill Clinton was getting a blowjob in the White House. The hypocrisy of liberals is that when Hillary Clinton called young black men “super predators” no one was worried about the kids in particular black kids. When Hillary Clinton called half of Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” and irredeemable liberals were not worried about the kids then. When Hillary Clinton said she would put coal miners out of business liberals were not worried about the kids then. When President Obama the first black president (technically biracial) says that “I don’t believe it is possible to transcend race in this country” liberals did not worry at all about the kids with a statement so utterly ridiculous that more than half the country (white and black) voted him as president not once but twice and yet in still he doesn’t think it’s possible to transcend race is a very irresponsible thing to say and what message does that show to African Americans and minorities in this country?

The bottom line is children should be cared for, trained and educated on the truth pure and simple, unfortunately many Democrats and Republicans are incapable of teaching their children to be independent thinkers so they can make informed decisions and make up their own minds. It would not matter what anyone said on TV it would not affect them if you were not allowing the TV to raise your child.

Donald Trump says protests against him are unfair:

What we know from Wikileaks is that the Democratic National Convention along with the Hillary Clinton campaign have been involved with planning and executing violent protests at Trump events.

Scott Foval details some of the Democrats dirty tricks

We have discredit Donna Brazile interim Chairperson for the DNC trying to dodge questions about her giving Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance.

Another video showing how the DNC and it’s operatives rig elections but yet liberals don’t want to discuss these issues and try to dismiss it as a hoax or fake THEY ARE IN DENIAL!

Donald Trump has hired racist white nationalists to his administration:

Tagging Republicans as racist is straight from the Democrat progressive playbook of Saul Alinsky “If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into it’s counter-side”. This tactic is on display at just about every liberal mainstream media outlet, they repeat Trump negatives 24/7 until eventually individuals begin to believe it as the truth. If you search Google on “why are republicans racist” you will find 18 million articles that have been written primarily by the mainstream liberal media, this is their goal, and a very common tactic.

Republicans Racist

The interesting thing is if you search “why are democrats racist” you will find a 19 million articles on the topic.

Democrats Racist

What is going on here is that both sides of the political isle are playing YOU the American public. Democrats are so convinced that Republicans are racist and Republicans are so convinced that Democrats have been historically racist, what is the truth? The truth is you have to look back at history, I won’t get into it in this article but if you understand basic psychology the bully who seems like he has all the confidence in the world often has very little confidence which is why he feels he has to bully you in the first place to prove to him or herself that they are confident. In many cases as much as liberals claim Republicans are racist probably very few cases of this are true but they believe as long as they continue to say it the American public will believe it and because Democrats have the media on their side they are able to convince about half of the population that this is true. It’s a partnership with the media that the Democrats have and without the media there tactics wouldn’t work. The reason the Democrat playbook did not work on Donald Trump is because he appeared to be the underdog to the American public, the more the media demonized him the more people wanted to vote for him, also the blatant bias by the mainstream media did not help Hillary Clinton because everything appeared and was stacked against Trump, people noticed this and voiced their complaint by voting for Trump.

The media in recent weeks have been attacking and Steven Bannon since Trump selected him to be his Chief Strategist in his new administration. The facts are that a conservative news media organization has hired blacks, Latinos, Jews and gays as a large part of their journalism staff so it would seem pretty odd that is a source of white nationalism. Personally I have listened to Breitbart Daily News on Sirius XM for about 2 years and I’ve never heard any type of Nazi, White Nationalist, racist sentiment from Steve Bannon who hosted the show before joining the Trump campaign. Again you have to recognize what is going on and the liberal media is always going to pull out the race card because this is what scares African Americans, Latinos and white Americans the most.

The bottom line is there is nothing Donald Trump can do to convince liberals that he will be a good president. Modern day progressive Democrats have a completely different view of the world than a conservative Republican. There is very little that both parties agree on. When President Obama came into office he did not bother to “work with Republicans” meaning there was no discussion, there was no debate, President Obama told Republicans what he wanted them to do and they were offered no chance of voicing their opinions or perspectives, there was no compromise. Obama got what he wanted mostly through executive orders if Congress and Senate did not play ball. To think President Elect Trump has to bow down to the Democrats is laughable. Democrats lost. Suck it up, move on. The country has rejected your ideas but make no mistake if Donald Trump does not deliver on many of his promises there will be hell to pay and Democrats should stay ready for 2020 and beyond. The bottom line in politics is that people are getting tired of being lied to by both parties Democrats in my opinion aren’t looking at the entire situation organically, they have an opportunity to help people that they claim to care about but they are more interested in rhetoric and talk than actually doing anything in my opinion. Republicans have a new lease on life through the unpredictable reign of Donald Trump but they have to deliver the goods or else Mr. Trump does not stand a chance of reelection in 2020.



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