The mainstream media and liberal progressive Democrats all over this nation and other countries have no idea why people like Donald Trump. We were immediately bombarded with accusations of Russian Collusion as the reason why Donald Trump was able to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. 2 years later many Democrats still don’t understand Donald Trump or if they don’t they don’t want to admit why. I said 2 years ago that the more you attack Trump the stronger his support base becomes and only recently have some Democrats in the media begun to realize this revelation. You see the mainstream media cannot beat Trump because they played no part in creating him, in helping him win and it was Donald Trump who navigated outside of traditional media mostly to talk directly to his supporters. Whether it’s Trump Tweeting or his Yuge Rallies he talks directly to his supporters, his “Deplorables” and Trumpsters everywhere already know not to trust the mainstream media coverage.

I support a fair and free press and I’ve warned about this before on YouTube comments but if the mainstream media is going to yell fire every time Trump does something eventually people are going to tune you out. This has already happened unfortunately people are used to vicious, sick, callous Anti-Trump hatred in the media and everything Trump does is seen as an outrage. The NY York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post and others specialize in Anti-Trump hatred but the sad truth is there are things you can criticize the current President on but it gets lost in the sauce because the media criticizes Trump about everything.

So why do people support Donald Trump? Because for a long time now and during the Obama Administration conservatives, independents, Christians, libertarians, classical liberals, and others have wanted someone who is real. They wanted someone who was going to tell the truth no matter what, they were tired of seasoned scripted politicians. Politics is in many cases the art of self interest, a typical politician operates in duality what I mean is they will sell you one thing but it’s usually a generic subset of what you are going to actually get. They basically misrepresent their policies and political stances while underneath achieving their intended goal of helping for example some special interest group that will behind the scenes help them with a book deal or some kind of pay day. There are plenty examples of politicians getting into politics making an upper middle class income and by the time they retire they are multimillionaires.

Donald Trump is unique, he’s already filthy rich, he’s already considered a celebrity at least before he ran for president and his brand The Trump brand is known around the world. You can make an argument that he is the most qualified person to ever become President when you consider all his personal achievements. But outside of Trump’s wealth he is really a down to earth guy who loves the common man and woman with this kind of attitude he has been able to build a rapport with his supporters that is virtually unbreakable. To my knowledge there is no politician in my lifetime (I’m in my 40’s) who has such a rock solid support base considered the amount of 24/7 criticism and attacks that he gets. Most people wouldn’t be able to get up out of the bed with the amount of pressure that Trump faces on a daily basis. Practically all of Hollywood, 95% of the mainstream media, most Democrat news outlets, every Democrat and most Republicans despise Donald Trump but yet Trump supporters are an enigma to the #NeverTrumpers and the deranged Trump haters.

I heard Rush Limbaugh say this one time and he is very accurate, Trump is the only person who can break the bond with his supporters. The fake news media has tried and continues to try many times but continues to fail miserably, why? Because they aren’t authentic in their criticism of Trump therefore there is no Trump supporter on the planet who will ever believe the mainstream media. The mainstream media has ruined their profession of supposedly accurately and fairly reporting news, some people still believe them but day by day there is at least a handful of people who wake up, take the red pill and realize they are constantly being lied to. Despite all of Trump’s flaws he doesn’t lie although Democrats will argument this point and say this is the main reason for their resist movement.

You would think from reading this website that I’m a blind Trump supporter and that I can see no wrong in him, that’s incorrect. You may think I am biased. That is incorrect. Let me make my position here clear, I don’t trust most Democrat politicians and I don’t trust most Republican politicians, I used to be a Democrat and I took the red pill although I strongly believe in classical liberalism which is dead now. I’m a conservative independent at least that’s what I call myself at the moment. I don’t support the Republican party, I support Donald Trump and yes by extension that helps the Republicans but I will share in another article how the Republican and Democrat parties are actually one which has been coined the UniParty by a fantastic website called TheConservativeTreeHouse. Please visit them, Sundance is amazing and has tremendous knowledge. The mainstream media and Democrats are in for a very rude awakening in 2020, I predict right now that Trump wins by a landslide. There are far more Trump supporters out here than you know and if Democrats and their pundits continue to believe and spread lies that we are all Nazi’s and dumb idiots it’s only going to hurt them when election time comes rolling around. Democrats please keep acting like idiots, as a Trump supporter I thank you!


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