I scan through various political headlines on a daily basis and article after article wondering what on earth has gotten into many people on the left. I won’t say the right is completely innocent but its fair to say that conservatives are usually reactionary and are merely reacting to what they hear, see and experience as it relates to the political divide, the anger and hatred of just being someone who thinks differently than the status quo.

It’s very interesting if you look on the left and scan liberal progressive leaning publications you will no doubt see massive negativity directed at almost anything conservative and especially the Republicans and President Donald Trump. Often the media will portray President Trump as wild, sexist, racist, bigoted, homophobic and many other derogatory terms with very little proof. It only takes one piece of circumstantial evidence for the modern day left to run crazy with Trump conspiracies.

Classic liberals and the Democrat party of old has been almost completely taken over by far left radicals that will stop at nothing to destroy the other side. I have long known that liberals don’t particularly like or respect people with differing points of view, they can’t accept it. The traditional nuclear family isn’t respected by the radical left and they prefer anything LGBTQ instead. The radical left thrives on supporting, riling up every grievance group known to man because they truly hate America, they hate it’s founders, they hate anyone who loves this country and they especially hate WHITE MEN!

There is a some kind of psychosis going on within the modern day left. Let me be clear I am not saying every person who leans left is radical or isn’t a good honest person I am saying that the Democrat party in today’s modern society has veered further left and has embraced a more radical nature. My liberal readers may ask what about the alt-right, yes they indeed exist but you will be hardpressed to find any Republican politician or prominent conservative who represents the alt-right. In other words the alt-right is a teeny weensy segment of the population and pales in comparison to the radical left in every way.

When you have Maxine Waters calling on her supporters to harass the Trump administration and when she says “I will take Trump out”, I’m curious what do liberals think she means and I am more curious why a statement like that is often overlooked and explained away by Democrat politicians when so much hatred towards President Trump exists that could lead to serious violence and civil unrest. Democrats seem to believe that because of Trump’s rhetoric and policies that he somehow is a national threat and a danger to our democracy when they fail to realize that at least half of this country LOVES and SUPPORTS what President Trump is doing.

The arrogance of the modern day liberal is incredible, to me and no I’m not a doctor but its similar to a psychosis in that liberal progressives don’t look at reality anymore to get an understanding of what is going on. Modern day liberals are resistance to just looking at reality and making judgements based on current reality they are possessed by their own beliefs of how reality should be instead of how it actual currently is. A perfect example is that if you ask anyone on Wall Street or the banking industry or a top economist or business leader they will all say the tax cuts that the Trump administration implemented did help improve our economy. But the reality for modern day Democrats is that the tax cuts were only for the rich and did nothing for the poor and middle class. It does not matter if every economist on the planet says that the tax cuts did help the poor and middle class the modern day radical progressive will disagree.

If you look at business regulations and ask business leaders far and wide if the regulation cutting by the Trump administration has helped they will agree but today’s Democrats ignore these facts or they simply don’t think cutting regulations is a big deal. How far will one go for a political party? Is toeing the line that important? I’m not a Republican but I’m a conservative, I don’t understand how someone can always agree with a political construct of any kind. I voted for and support President Trump but before 2016 I’ve never voted for a Republican in fact I used to be a Democrat.

Let’s just look at some of the hysterical, crazy and downright insane Anti-Trump headlines:

Alec Baldwin: We Need To Overthrow The Government

Trump Says Without His Mockery of Christine Blasey Ford, We Would Not Have Won

John Oliver Taunts Trump Over His Intense Bromance With Saudi Crown Prince (weren’t we told by liberals that Trump hates Muslims?)

Twitter Users Mock Trump’s Weird Dogs Paying Poker Portrait of Himself

Trump’s Ongoing History Of Supporting Men Accused Of Sexual Assault

Trump’s Ugly, Dishonest CBS Interview Reveals GOP’s Predicament In Midterms

Trump’s Middle East Ambitions Have Been Exposed As Misguided Fantasies

In The Long Run Larry Kudlow Will Be Dead And The Rest Of Us Will Fry

This is just a tiny portion of the headlines and I show this only to simply say that there is an arrogant psychosis among the radical left progressives of today. If you don’t believe in climate change theories that they believe you should be killed, if you don’t believe in letting anyone and everyone come to America no matter what you should be killed or jailed, how dare we prevent people from coming to this country illegally. If you don’t think old white men are the problem in this country you should die a horrible death, if you don’t believe this country was founded on racism and sexism and slavery you deserve to die. How dare conservatives not agree that same sex marriage is great. How dare conservatives not agree that women have been disenfranchised, abused, assaulted and taken advantage of by most men. If you don’t think that just being a man is toxic to society then you should go to hell and die. THIS IS YOUR MODERN DAY LEFT. Arrogant, dogmatic, authoritarian, and completely inflexible in their thoughts and beliefs. Not traditional Democrats or classical liberals but modern day leftists are an extreme danger to themselves and to society because they leave no room for debate, discussion in any civilized way. If you step out of line you are canned, destroyed, fired immediately whether you apologize or not.

The level of mental instability among today’s Democrats is alarming and it’s sad that more reasonable liberals aren’t being heard in the mainstream media other than the #WalkAway campaign. If we are ever to bring this country together both sides and all people no matter the philosophy is going to have to wipe the slate clean and try to put our beliefs and emotions on hold in order to work together towards a common goal of making this country great. Otherwise there are plenty of adversaries in the world like China that absolutely love the division in this country and will continue to capitalize on it if people don’t wake up.

liberal hyprocisy
liberal hyprocisy

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