Make no mistake about it, the media, the Democrats, the GOP, the DeepState, are waging war on President Donald J. Trump. A book I’m currently reading has a very good quote in it that summarizes the idiocy we are seeing in the public “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”. By Mark Twain.

If every single news show, if every single cable news station, if every single liberal, progressive media outlet has the same voice, the same sentiment the same message to me it’s very clear THEY ARE THE PROBLEM! They always speak in generalities when it comes to President Trump, “he’s a pathological liar” but they support their argument with any facts, evidence, or proof. “he’s a con man” again their argument is never supported with facts, evidence or proof. “he is dangerous”, again no facts, evidence or proof. “he is going to destroy this country”, again no facts, evidence or proof”. “he hates Muslims”, again no facts, evidence or proof, “he’s racist”, no facts, no evidence or proof.

So we’ve established that President Trump is hated by many but at the same time he is loved by many more, but let’s focus on those who hate him. Politics since the beginning of the founding of this country has been highly contested, debated and there are always winners and losers. Sometimes the Democrats win, sometimes the Republicans win. It’s not that simple but you get my point. But what makes Trump so much different? Why is it that after 8 years of President Obama, liberals aren’t able to cope with someone they don’t necessarily agree with? Is it just his policies they don’t like? If that’s the case this is the very nature of politics that you don’t always get what you want, it’s like me thinking that Nancy Pelosi is going to support a smaller government of course she won’t. It’s like me thinking that Al Sharpton is going to retire from being a race baitor and exploiter of the black community of course he won’t he’s made a lot of money doing it. I’m not blind I can see through the matrix.

My point is that the hysteria is completely made up and only lives in the minds of those who wish it to come to reality. We don’t believe what we see, we see what we believe and this is exactly what is going on inside the heads of the modern day Democrat. I feel sorry for Democrats, liberals, progressives, conservatives or anyone that doesn’t use their own mind and come up with their own analysis and decisions. Sure we are all influenced to some degree but even though I lean more to the conservative spectrum that doesn’t mean I agree 100% with what every conservative thinks because I don’t. I have disagreements with all of them and like I’ve said on this site many times before I hate the Republican party and I don’t trust them AT ALL. There are a small handful of individuals in Congress and Senate that I trust, I will do an article on the people I trust. Even that is up for debate and modification as things change.

In order to get to a positive place in this society we all have to start using our own minds and stop being lazy and just allowing the media or whoever it may be to manipulate us. I have been manipulate before in my life for quite a long time and I know exactly what it does to you, persuasion is very powerful and unless you are aware and strong willed and strong minded  you will succumb to it. This is why I am a strong advocate for not following the herd, for always going the opposite direction than what the crowd goes. Conventional wisdom is usually wrong. I will illustrate in greater detail and depth all this and more as time goes on, just keep visiting this website!


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