1.1 Trillion Republican Budget

On the May 1st, 2017 page of the DrudgeReport.com we have another story, more proof of what myself and many other individuals have been saying and it is that you cannot trust the Republican party, they do not mean what they say and say what they mean. Let’s set the stage, the current Republican budget has absolutely nothing to do with President Trump. Remember one thing: Congress writes the laws, the President passes or vetoes said laws. These corrupt Republicans waited until the last minute and forced President Trump to sign off on a huge bloated bill that would make President Obama proud. And make no mistake if President Trump did not pass this bill he would have been additional ammunition that the Republican party would use against Trump including the Democrats in their plot to try and impeach him.

How many times have we heard from the Republican party about fiscal responsibility and how we need to shrink government? How many times have they complained about all the spending under the Obama administration and here it is when we control the White House, Congress and Senate we continue down the same road? The reasons aren’t that Republican politicians are stupid or ignorant, they know exactly what they are doing this is what they are paid to do by their billion dollar donors, special interest groups and lobbyists. This is why the Republican Party pretends they want to work with President Trump but you do not see them lifting a finger to write solid policies and bills and putting it on President Trump’s desk to sign off on. We all know he would sign off on any good bill from Congress in a heartbeat this is a man that all by himself signed a record 28 Executive Orders because he knew from the start that he couldn’t depend on Congress to get their act together.

In a way President Trump is on an island by himself, he is being held hostage among a group of Republican politicians that serve their own interests. For the time it took them to write this bloated budget bill they could have also written a bill to successfully replace ObamaCare. The Republicans do not want to replace ObamaCare and unless President Trump can force them to do it, it will never happen. These are the same Republicans that wrote the Omnibus bill that made President Obama extremely happy and gave him everything he ever wanted. Nothing has changed besides Donald J. Trump and they just like the Democrats would love to rid themselves of him as quickly as possible. If impeachment hearings every took place I guarantee you the majority of Republicans would be lining up alongside Democrats to try and boot Trump out of office. I do not trust these swamp creatures and neither does President Trump but he knows he has to someone work within this corrupted rotten system to get things done for the American people.

This is the same Republican Party that keeps refusing to accept the letter of intent by the Trump administration to renegotiate NAFTA. Good conservatives far and wide must understand the Republicans are the greatest threat to President Trump and he really have very few friends and people he can trust, it’s a lonely road but Trump is a warrior and is not one to ever give up. The system of government will continue to test him and put the squeeze on him because he is still a neophyte to this level of politics. It bugs the hell out of me when radio personalities like Alex Jones are so consumed with nonsense like Jared and Ivanka supposedly undermining President Trump. Trump knows how to deal with them if needed but these issues are a distraction the heat and focus needs to be put on the Republican party period full stop.

Then you wonder where are the so called Conservative Superheroes The House Freedom Caucus in all this? Where does Rand Paul stand in all this? Why aren’t these guys speaking loudly and going against these bills?

Lou Dobbs RIGHT ON BROTHER! At least there is some in the conservative media that you can trust. Time to get rid of Paul Ryan, but then who’s next?

Speaker Ryan Fired


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