North Korea, Trump Meeting Possible

Now wait a minute, for 18 months the mainstream media has told us that Trump was a monster, that he was very dangerous, that it would be disastrous to give him access to the nuclear codes. Liberals and progressives far and wide cried their hearts out, they needed therapy and counseling, college students were allowed to take time off of school to cope with a Trump Presidency. Protest after protest from liberals and progressives trying to warn us that the world would come to an end, that Trump would destroy the planet. Was the media lying to us? OF COURSE THEY WERE THAT’S WHY THEY ARE CALLED THE FAKE NEWS!!!

So now we have another chapter in the book of Trump, just when liberals thought they knew who Trump was, he pulls a 360 on them, they are so amazed, they are stunned, Trump would actually meet with Kim Jong Un? The savage man which they claim was Trump was nothing more than an illusion which unfortunately many people were and are still sold on. It’s a brilliant move because it shows that 1. Trump is nothing like Obama, 2. that he has no ego which liberals have continued to tell us he’s a narcissist and ego maniac and 3. it shows he has a calculated well thought out strategy.

It is so hilarious and funny to see the liberal media in their echo chamber try to substantiate and prove to us all how bad Trump is but then if this was Obama they would have already labeled him better than George Washington by now. The fact is the liberal media is in denial, they can’t face the truth that Trump has been successfully despite their efforts, despite the efforts of the Democrat party and the Republicans to stop him, Trump still has a winning attitude and his foreign policy has already shown itself to be 1000x better than anything President Obama did. We can’t give all the credit to President Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a COMPLETE MASTER AT DIPLOMACY. The media again in their echo chamber cannot give the Trump administration any credit for how they have dealt with the Syria situation, for how they are beating the hell out of ISIS and how they have handled Russia and China. You really have to take a step back and realize just how complicated foreign policy is and how Trump is in fact working hard on building great relationships with countries such as Germany, China, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Italy, Philippines and more. He is already outperforming President Obama and unfortunately you will never hear this from the liberal mainstream media because they love them some Obama. The bias is very clear but it only hurts the media because people can see their bias a mile away.

Liberal reporters in the daily White House press briefing are like little rotten spoiled children asking the stupidest questions and hoping they can get one over on Sean Spicer.

It’s actually a bad thing for President Trump to give some respect to Kim Jong Un, not saying he deserves it but that these reporters are so fucking dumb they don’t even realize what Trump is doing. When dealing with a mad man sometimes you have to speak his language and see what kind of reaction you get. Not saying I know for sure Kim Jong Un is a nut or what his problem is, maybe he is just pure evil, but whatever it is you have to credit Trump for trying different things in order to start the lines of communication and to prevent a nuclear war which is something that these dumb as reporters have tried to tell us that Trump would be the one to start.


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