No one can deny that President Trump is literally fighting evil when you have a large group of witches trying to take him down. The interesting thing about this story is that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and others will not cover this story and if they do its not pushed with the same vigor as other stories. The media must keep up with the narrative that Trump is an evil devil totalitarian, dictator hell bent on the destruction of the United States and the world and if a commonly known spiritually negative entity like witches would be against him it does not fit with their story of how we are supposed to view Trump. Trump is supposed to be the witch and not haunted by witches. Trump is supposed to be the devil not attacked by devils.

When was the last time you ever heard of a group of witches with the expressed direct intention of taking down a United States president before? In the twisted world of these witches which undoubtedly the majority of them will be leftists who don’t believe in god, who don’t believe in Christianity or any religion that may have many positive beliefs to it. In one of my last posts I discussed the media and how they are the matrix and it would seem that these witches also live in the matrix. They honestly believe that they are protecting the world from Trump. It’s all political though because if you take politics out of the equation and just purely look at the facts of what President Trump has done you will realize that what he is doing which is not being reported at all by the media gradually helping to undue bad policies and help this nation. Please take an honest look at Trump’s accomplishments. On this site I am going to dedicate a page to keeping track of President Trump’s accomplishments because it is very important, I will also put on that page his failures.

Even if you are not a religious person this should concern you that the influence of perverted negative spiritual elements are at work against President Trump and you have to ask yourself why. If you monitor the Witches Against Trump Facebook page you will notice that they are merely a front group, the left is so desperate, the powers that be are so desperate that they have hired witches to try and take down Trump. If these Witches Against Trump were so concerned about world healing about this country, why are there any spells against MS-13? Why are there no spells against child molesters? Why are there no spells against the men who rape women every day? Why are there no spells to end the corruption in government? I could go on and on. These witches are merely tools to be used by the unhinged liberal progressive evil left. If I was a Democrat I would be calling these people out and I would not be happy that my political party has stooped to such a low level that they are employing witches and other demonic forces.

The other interesting thing about this is that liberals and progressives are cheering these witches on, I mean in all my life I can’t believe what I am experiencing and seeing take place. There are articles from Slate, Huffingtonpost where they are promoting the work these witches are doing as good work ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I hope that Christians don’t sit on the sidelines anymore, I hope that any religious or non religious person that has a good soul and spirit will recognize what is going on and join the fight against these evil individuals. There is no spinning this the modern day left is now one of Satan’s soldiers. This doesn’t mean all Democrats are like this, when I say the modern day left I mean the completely brainwashed, unhinged, hateful, angry at the world individuals who come from the Democrat party but have been consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump, the GOP, conservatives, Republicans and quite frankly anyone who does not agree with them. These people are he modern day left in my definition and it is time for us to fight against them, not in violence but in words, ideas and in spirit and let them know that this evil bullshit is not happening on our watch.


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