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Is The Media Making American Politics Worse?

A Response To Mainstream Journalism I recently read this vox.com article that was trending in which the author Ezra Klein discussed the state of affairs...

Democrat Party Is No Longer The Democrat Party #WalkAway

The Democrat party has evolved since President Barack Obama to becoming more radical more far left than ever before. Its quite amazing to see...

Black People Are Stupid

The title of this article is very provocative and as an African American I have zero self hatred or hatred of my own people,...

Democrat Who Voted For Hillary Clinton Warns Party

This is very refreshing, here we have a TRUE DEMOCRAT someone with common sense who ISN'T POLITICAL talk about the dangers to the Democrats...

Modern Day Leftist Insanity

People on the left really, truly and honestly believe that Donald Trump or members of his presidential campaign colluded with Russia/Putin in order to...



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