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Is The Media Making American Politics Worse?

A Response To Mainstream Journalism I recently read this vox.com article that was trending in which the author Ezra Klein discussed the state of affairs...

Why Does The Middle Class Support Donald Trump?

The mainstream media and liberal progressive Democrats all over this nation and other countries have no idea why people like Donald Trump. We were...

Exhibit A: Democrat Media Hypocrisy Against Violence

We've all heard the mainstream liberal media and politicians tell us time and time again that they are against violence they when "they go...

Trump “A Real Clear and Present Danger”

Make no mistake about it, the media, the Democrats, the GOP, the DeepState, are waging war on President Donald J. Trump. A book I'm...

The Mainstream Media Is The Matrix

Here is just another example of the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and their attempt ignore facts, statements and evidence they don't like but...



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